48.788.2701415Koordinaten: 48 ° 46 '48 " N, 8 ° 16' 12" E

Ebersteinburg is a district of Baden -Baden and is 426 m high between Murg Valley and Oostal, east of Battert, a popular climbing terrain, and north of the Mercury, the local mountain of Baden-Baden. The village belongs since 1972 to Baden- Baden and has about 1200 inhabitants.

Around the year 1100, the Counts of Eberstein were located there and built a castle on a hilltop, which is upstream of its castle hill to the northwest. Of these, today only the keep and a curtain wall available.

The village itself is located just south of the castle ruins of Alt- Eberstein. After the decline of the castle, this was used as a quarry for the village.

Walking and hiking trails lead to, among other things Battert and Hohenbaden Castle ( Altes Schloss ) and the Mercury and be of use to locals and visitors all year round.


Distribution of seats in Ortschaftsrat (total 7 seats)

  • CDU 3 seats
  • FDP 2 seats
  • SPD 1 seat
  • Green 1 seat