EC Red Bull Salzburg

  • Austrian Champion 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011
  • Winning the Red Bulls Salute 2009, 2011
  • Winning the IIHF Continental Cup 2009/10
  • Master of the National League in 2004
  • Master the big leagues in 2001

EC Red Bull Salzburg (since 2007)

EC Red Bull Salzburg is an Austrian ice hockey team from Salzburg ( state of Salzburg ), which plays in the Erste Bank Hockey League.

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The EC Salzburg was founded in 1995 by the merger of the two small clubs Morzg EC and EC Tiefenbach. The EC Morzg again arose after the bankruptcy of the Salzburg EC in 1988 as a refuge for the youth player. Shortly after the foundation has been with the company Kaindl presents the first main sponsor and changed the club name in EC Kaindl Salzburg. From the entry of the beverage manufacturer Red Bull in 2000 was the official club name EC The Red Bulls Salzburg. 2007 was carried out in terms of a uniform corporate identity with the since 2005 by Red Bull GmbH. run football club FC Red Bull Salzburg renamed the EC Red Bull Salzburg.

Promotion to the Bundesliga

After the National League Championship title in 2004, the Red Bulls play since the 2004/ 05 season in the top Austrian Hockey League, the Erste Bank Eishockey Liga ( EBEL ). Since that season, a farm team plays in the National League with. For the first season in the top Austrian league many new players were obliged to make the squad competitive. Some came from rival Premier League clubs such as the defender Jaako Niskavaara and the striker Matti Kaipainen from EC KAC or the cousins ​​Marco and Martin Pewal from EC VSV. To this end, an attempt was made to upgrade the squad with experienced legionaries. Thus came Greger Artursson by the Swedish first division Färjestad BK to the team, and with Rob Talla an NHL experienced goalkeeper was brought.

Still failed the start to the season. The Salzburg started with eight defeats in series and could only in the ninth game away against Vienna Capitals first full points. But even then, the performance of the team is not stabilized. The crossfire of criticism also came Rob Talla, who with the miserable catch quota of 86.22 % was forced to leave the club after only twelve inserts and then ended his career. For him Jürgen Penker took over as had long been predicted that this season as the last place was no longer to be expected. So it was then: the first season in the Bundesliga was only twelve games won ( 48 games) in seventh place finishes.

On the way to championship team

During the summer break, no stone was left unturned. The budget was increased sharply and with Dieter Kalt, André Lakos and Matthias Trattnig some of Europe's best players were piloted at the Salzach. With Björn Bjurling again an experienced Legionnaires for the position of the goalkeeper has been committed. This time worked out the start to the season. The team established from the very beginning in the front half of the table and took over after the division points over long distances even the lead. The only drawback was again a weak goalkeeper performance. Bjurling was fired halfway through the base passage and replaced by the Latvian National Team Goalie Artūrs Irbe. With him Salzburg began to dominate the championship and remained in only six of 24 games the second half of the passage without point. Only the EC VSV could keep up with the Mozart city dwellers, but ended up staying two points behind in second place. The third-place finisher, the Innsbruck Sharks even had nine points off the Salzburg.

As a result, the cops marched through the semi-finals, where they competed in a best - of-seven series against the Vienna Capitals. The team lost only one game, but the on the green table. The third game ( a 6-3 home win of the bulls) was subsequently favor the Vienna criminal verified as Salzburg had with Patrick Thoresen used an undeclared Legionnaire. In the final they met as expected to the EC VSV, but lost the opening game on their own ice cream with 2:3. The second game was lost before one with a smooth 3-0 victory was finally able to write in the third game with 1:4. In the fourth match was achieved with a tight away win even the balance in the series, but Villach replied by return mail with a 6-2 victory at Salzburg ice. The next match in Villach stood under the sign " all or nothing" and developed into the nervous thriller. A quick goal from Martin Ulrich after only 59 seconds followed towards the end of the first third a double whammy of Villach. Frank Banham was like just before half-time, but the last thirty seconds of the regular playing time remained goalless. It was in an overtime where Dany Bousquet in the 78th minute fixed the champion of the Villach.

For the 2006/07 season the squad was strengthened again. Thomas Cook joined the team, and with Reinhard Divis was added a best Austrian goalkeeper, who had just been swept the North American Hockey back. This time managed an even better start. The Salzburg alternated until halftime again only with Villach at the top from. While initially away but still weakened, to be an amazing winning streak developed at the home games of the team. In eight games on their own ice, the Salzburg left only once, in round 44 against the Vienna Capitals, losers the ice. It is this constancy also meant that finally alone dominated the table top, and finally with eight points ahead of the EC VSV won the regular season. In the semifinals, the team then sweepte 3-0 victories, the Capitals and finally stood again against EC VSV in the final. After a smooth 2-0 win in the first game, the second meeting was a little out of hand. Many penalties paralyzed the flow of the game, and so it was sixty minutes after a draw with 3-3 goals. In the penalty shootout (at that time was only at crucial playoff games an Endless overtime played) had finally Villach the better end for himself and made ​​up for. In the third match but ran with a 6-3 win everything again for Salzburg. After the team had also won 3-0 away, Villach could oppose the Mozart city dwellers and in game five anything. With an unchallenged 4-2 home victory, the team won the first championship in the Bundesliga to Salzburg.

Mission title defense

The most important change for the following season was made in the dugout: Hardy Nilsson was appointed athletic director, while Pierre Pagé now acted as a coach. Nearly already successfully used to launched the team into the new season and could also continuously maintain in the front half of the table, although the Salzburger not as sovereign seemed like the year before. The modified system of Pierre Pagé needed some time to grab, so that the base transit time was finished only third. In the placement round, the team lost five out of ten games and even slipped even from fourth place. In the quarterfinals, the team now met the EC VSV, thus there was no final meeting between the two teams for the first time in three years. Salzburg sat down in the series despite a high 2:8 defeat in the fourth fight in just five games against the runner-up by and met in the semifinals again on the Capitals, who were swept 4-0 wins ( which Salzburg is not in three years had lost playoff game against the capital city on the ice ). In the final they met something unexpected on the newly added HDD Olimpija Ljubljana, who had fought his way from the basement to the final table. The first game of the series went 3-2 on a penalty shootout to Ljubljana, but Salzburg won with a 3-1 away win back the home advantage. However, the Slovenes were able to provide again and won on ice Salzburg 4-3 after extra time. But, however, some barriers to Ljubljana player 's play had been pronounced. The Slovenian team placed fourth in the game a player is still worth the full score, although you would have the value of restricted players must pull off. Ljubljana won the game close, but learned only hours before the fifth match that of the Criminal Division, the game had criminal verified 5-0 in favor of Salzburg. Laibach then again lost his fifth encounter with 0:5 and now found himself confronted, transformed within a few hours a 3-1 lead in a 2:3 residue to see. In the all-important game in Ljubljana Ljubljana fans reacted with anger, so the game had to be interrupted several times. Salzburg but finally sat down with 3-2 narrowly and so defended the title.

Only runners

For the 2008/ 09 season, the team was finally built up from scratch. Pierre Pagé replaced many of the Legionaries experienced by young foreign players who wanted to prove in Europe for the first time and the team tapered so on. As a result, the team shuttled to the start of championship between the second and sixth place in the table back and forth and did not find the consistency of past years. On November 16, 2008 in an away game against the Hungarian team Alba Volán Székesfehérvár, it finally came to several tangible scenes that attracted players locks on both sides by itself. With Dieter Kalt in January 2009 left one of the leading players the team and moved to Sweden. The performance of the team stabilized until the end of the basic passage, as you could still make up ground and eventually fight for the third place in the table after before. In the quarterfinals, the cops sat by sovereign against the sagging HK Jesenice and took the semi-finals again the Vienna Capitals of the race (although this time lost the second game of the series was born). In the final they met the EC KAC, who had dominated the championship in the regular season. The first game of the final series to Klagenfurt ice is narrowly lost with 4:5 after extra time. The games two and three then turned, however, the series. With a 7-2 home win and a subsequent 6-3 away win two sovereign victories were recorded and brought to the home advantage in the city of Mozart. However, the fourth meeting decided the EC KAC with a 4-1 away victory and was then with a 3-0 on home ice, the series again turn in his favor. The first match ball game developed into a nervous thriller, as the EC KAC led to 68 seconds before the end of the game. Darryl boat land but secured with an equalizer and the winning goal in extra compensation in the series for Salzburg. Game Seven in Klagenfurt was however possible with 1:2 lost, which according to two league titles, the new title defense this time did not succeed.

The Year of titles

The 2009/10 season was the most successful so far in the club's history. Head coach and sporting director Pierre Pagé was in his third year with the Red Bulls his way undeterred, and at the end of the Salzburg ice hockey club was pleased with three titles. In September 2009, the Red Bulls won for the first time in the five year history of their own invitational tournament Red Bulls Salute, leaving it well-known European top teams such as CSKA Moscow behind. In November 2009 and January 2010, the Salzburg took the third attempt in the Continental Cup, the highest this season IIHF European club competition, and picked up after two successful rounds in Latvia and France also the trophy. With the victory in the Erste Bank Hockey League, the Red Bulls finally made ​​the triple full and celebrated its tenth year of existence, the most successful season. The MVP of the Year 2009 Thomas Cook braced for the first time as captain of the cup in the air. The young talent in the Red Bull Hockey Model was accelerated, which, inter alia, to reflected and under 17 -year-olds - in the championship titles in the under 20. The farm team the Red Bulls bowed out of the Austrian National League from to eventual champion Dornbirn, but offered it again many young talents the ideal platform to develop. Record-breaking: On 12 January 2010, the Red Bulls Hockey League against Jesenice played at Erste Bank with an average age of only 21.1 years. A total of 47 players recorded at least one insert Salzburg in Austria's highest league. In the quarter- finals of the 2011/12 season but one was eliminated by the EC KAC after the 6th final match 5-2 and thus lost the Best of Seven Series with 2:4.

Other developments

In May 2007, there have been rumors of the club flirtatious with a reception in the German Hockey League ( DEL). Also inclusion in the outgoing of Russia Continental Hockey League, 2008 was room, but was not implemented.

Red Bulls Salute

  • Main article: Red Bulls Salute

The Red Bulls Salute is an international board of Hockey Invitational Tournament, held since 2005 by the EC Red Bull Salzburg and played in the Salzburg Ice Arena. In summer 2010, this highlight was upgraded early in the season with the integration into the newly founded European Trophy again, and now forms the final of this topbesetzten Hockey Tournament.


Squad of the Season 2012/13

Status: February 2013

Well-known former players

( Team membership and position in brackets)

  • Latvia Artūrs Irbe (2005/ 06, goalkeeper )
  • Canada Rob Talla (2004/ 05, goalkeeper )
  • Canada Richard Jackman (2007/ 08, Defender )
  • Austria Dieter Kalt (2005-2008, Striker )
  • Canada Frank Banham (2005-2008, Striker )

Champion team

Participation of players on the All- Star team

Player Records

Statistics since the rise in the Bundesliga season 2004/05. Included are all preliminary rounds / playoff games.




Current coaching staff

From the beginning of the 2007/ 08 Canadian Pierre Pagé was head coach and sports director of the Salzburg. He assisted the Canadian George Kingston. In addition, the coaching staff for the Austrian Anton Walch (skating and Assistant Coach ), Gerald Wimmer (Video Coach ) and the Canadian Patrick Dallaire ( Goalie Coach).

For the 2013/14 season of Americans Don Jackson took over as coach.

Coach history


The home to both teams Salzburg is the 3,200 -seat ice arena Salzburg, also known as a people or nation Garden Garden Arena.


Fan culture

The two clubs have three registered fan clubs Salzburg: The faithful, the Fanatics and the Supporters C- center.

Club statistics

Legend: GP = Games, W = Wins, L = Losses in regulation time, OTL = Losses after Overtime or shootout, win % = percentage of achieved to the total possible points, GF = goals scored, GA = Goals against, / - = Goal difference, Pts = points scored, Pts ( PT) = actual points of seasons with division points in the regular season

Average attendance

  • Season 2004/2005: 1,773 spectators per home game
  • Season 2005/2006: 2,757 spectators per home game
  • Season 2006/2007: 2,673 spectators per home game
  • Season 2007/2008: 2,462 spectators per home game
  • Season 2008/2009: 2,490 spectators per home game
  • Season 2009/2010: 2,508 spectators per home game
  • Season 2010/2011: 2,755 spectators per home game