• 6 -times Austrian Champion
  • National League Champions 1976/77

EC VSV Heraklith (1999-2005) EC Pasut VSV (2005-2007) EC RECORD - Fenster VSV (2010 -2012) EC VSV (since 2012)

The Hockey - Club Villach sports club (short EC VSV ) is an Austrian ice hockey team from Villach in Carinthia, which plays in the Erste Bank Hockey League. The home games are at the Stadthalle Villach ( approximately 4,500 seats) discharged. The VSV has so far 6 times (1981, 1992, 1993, 1999, 2002, 2006) win the Austrian Championship title. The club colors are blue and white of the Villach, in the logo is an eagle to see, thanks to the Villach also nicknamed The Eagle.

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Promotion to the Bundesliga and first successes

By winning the second division championship in the season 1976 /77 EC VSV exercised its right to climb right to the top division and remained there to this day, so the club is today after the EC KAC is the second oldest participant in the Bundesliga. While the team was in its first season under coach Karol Havasi Last (which is why this the end of the season not experienced and has been previously replaced almost at the insistence of the player by player-coach Ryan D' Arcy ), but some of their own young players, most notably Leo Sivec, already performed well here. The second season brought the fifth place, the main problem was the vacant coaching job, which was initially filled by Adalbert Saint John and end of the season from the injured Bart Crashley.

For the first time champion

After the champion round was also missed at the third attempt, the 1980/81 season finally brought the first success. Thanks to the junior training under Hermann Knoll and an increased incorporation of the young players ( with Sivec the oldest locals at this time was just 23 years old ), the EC VSV fought in the regular season up to second place and was able, finally, the Master Round Vienna just before the EV decide for themselves. In the following year, however Sivec missed due to injury most of the season, and conditional problems did the rest. Both regular season and champions round were completed at an unsatisfactory fifth place.

Sivec remained faithful to the injury problems in the 1982/83 season. On top of that Legionnaire Douglas Palazzari expectations are not met and was replaced by the goalkeeper Marcel Sakac, which should support the ailing defense. But, apart from the consistent incorporation of other young players the season did not yield any results. This paid off, especially in the following year, as six players of the EC VSV coach Rudolf Killias were drafted into the Austrian national ice hockey team. The problem of the team was also in the following years, the lack of consistency, however, it always gave outstanding local players. Only in the season 1991/92 the EC VSV succeeded in winning the league title again, in the playoffs no game yet. This performance could repeat the team a year later.

During the last decade of the last century, the EC VSV could connect with good finishes at the past successes, but in the great attempt did not succeed. In a time when the VEU Feldkirch dominated the action in the Austrian Hockey, resigned from the EC VSV few times against local rivals EC KAC in the playoffs. Only in the 1998/99 season Villach able to prevail against Klagenfurt in the finals again and post the fourth title.

After the turn of the millennium

However, in the Millennium season and the following year the tide turned again. Two times in a row, the EC VSV had to admit defeat ( 1:4 or 2:4 wins) in the final against the KAC. In the 2001 /02 season, the two teams met each other already in the semifinals, where this time the VSV prevailed and finally in the final against the EHC Linz secured the fifth title. This season also marked the debut of goalkeeper Gert Prohaska in the dress of the EC VSV. Prohaska had the EC KAC leave for lack of perspectives and is now one of the major pillars of the team.

Also in the 2002/03 season the team reached the finals, but lost this time the residents of Linz and had a year later again against EC KAC again be content with the runner-up title.

The 2004/05 season started quite mixed, and very quickly became clear that coach Blair McDonald had been a follower of Greg Holst not a happy choice. After a 8:11 at home against the then league freshman and bottom team EC Red Bull Salzburg, he was released early from his contract and Holst retrieved. Furthermore, the favor of the hour was used and the team picks up after the failure of the NHL season 2004/ 05 with the following NHL players: Ethan Moreau ( Edmonton Oilers ), Jason Krog ( Mighty Ducks of Anaheim ), Eric Weinrich (St. Louis Blues ), Reinhard Divis (St. Louis Blues ). Although stabilized the performance and brought them to of uncertainty, a just -won playoff spot on ( thanks to better direct relationship was taken by the EC VSV despite points equality before the EC Graz 99ers ranked fourth ), but in the semi-finals the season ended with three defeats against the later masterpieces Vienna Capitals.

Sixth championship and Derby record winner

For the 2005/ 06 season, several key players were replaced, Greg Holst remained in the coach office. After the EC VSV had dominated along with the Red Bulls Salzburg the regular season, the two teams met each other, as expected, also in the final. Here the VSV earned 4-2 wins his sixth and final championship title to date.

Outstanding figure of EC VSV was in the championship season of 2005/ 06, especially Dany Bousquet, who also led the scorers and points lists the league with 47 goals and 86 points. The greatest success of the season was certainly represents the decisive goal in the final 6 game against the Red Bulls Salzburg, with whom he won the game and thus the championship in favor of VSV in 78 minutes. Goalkeeper Gert Prohaska imposed a quota of 92.85 % clear first place in the rating goalkeeper.

On 20 February 2007 ended the longest winning streak that had ever existed in Carinthia's hockey derby. The EC VSV won between 18 February 2005 and 21 January 2007, after another 17 games. The EC KAC almost two years that was not won against the Hockey Club Villach.

On March 15, the play-off semi-finals against the third placed the base passage Black Wings Linz started with a home game of Villach. The EC VSV won in the series ( best of five) with 3:0 ( 7:4, 4:3 N.P., 4:3 ) and met in the finals on RedBulls Salzburg. The series ( best of seven ) went with 4:1 ( 0:2, 4:3 nP, 3:6, 0:3, 2:4 ) to the Red Bulls Salzburg.

New Developments

Erste Bank Hockey League season 2007/ 08 was for the Carinthian traditional club with mixed feelings. As the only team in the league to union contested the course of the season without a player exchange and was also able to successfully integrate several trained in Villach young players in the team base. This was in 2007/ 08 compared to the Vorsaisonen also the most successful club in dar.

The sporting successes were limited only to reach the quarter finals, where they finished to great applause from about 1,000 who traveled away fans the 2007/08 season with a 3-0 away defeat against eventual Austrian EBEL Championship winner EC Red Bull Salzburg on 24 February. The longtime Villach success coach Greg Holst verlautbarte already before the last play-off game in his resignation from Villach. He was succeeded by Larry Huras. Also, some of the performers from the successful previous seasons have been replaced, but the not easy financial situation of the club did not allow groundbreaking signings. The season ended prematurely with the off in the quarterfinals.

With the current season 2009/10 Johan Strömwall took over as coach. Again, some players were exchanged, and thanks to a good summer training started the team with five wins and led to the start of the championship at the table. With continuation of the basic passage, however, the EC VSV fell back into the midfield. In particular, the transfer card players often lacked the necessary class, but this was compensated for long stretches of the local cracks. The fifth place after the regular season is presented as a remarkable success, as the team remained little room for personal improvement due to the comparatively low budgets. The end of the season, however, came again in the quarterfinals, as the EC VSV with 1:4 victories defeated by the EHC Linz.

Was similar to 2010/ 11 where the club once again managed a good start in the championship. However, near the end of the base passage a performance hit, which eventually culminated in the dismissal of coach Strömwall in February 2011. His former assistant coach who has years of VSV- player Michael Stewart took over the office and led the team to a smooth 4-1 series victory against the EHC Linz in the quarterfinals to the semifinals, where they were beaten local rivals EC KAC subject. The playoffs brought also the last appearance of Gert Prohaska in the Gate of Villach, the the VSV announced end of his career after a full decade.

In the summer of 2011, many pillars left from their own offspring as Michael Raffl or Andreas Kristler the club, which necessitated an extensive reconstruction of the squad.


Squad of the 2013/14 season

Stand: 2013 Order by: title

Champion teams


Significant former players

( Team membership and position in brackets)

  • Canada Gus Morschauser (1991-1998, Goalkeeper )
  • Canada Ken Strong (1987-1994, 1995-1996, attack)
  • Canada Kim Issel (1991-1994, attack)
  • Canada Rick Cunningham (1981-1984, defense)
  • Canada Ethan Moreau (2004-2005, attack)
  • Canada Jason Krog (2004-2005, attack)
  • Austria Günther Lanzinger (1989-2010, attack)
  • Canada Austria Mike Stewart (2001-2010, defense)

Participation of players on the All- Star team

Player Records

The player records based on the statistics since the first Bundesliga 1977 / 78th Included are all preliminary and playoff games.





Fan culture

The EC VSV has the fan Villach Villach eagle and absolute and, since March 14, 2014 with the new fan club " Blue-White Villach " three registered fan clubs. However, there are also several unofficial groupings next to outside Villach, such as the fun faction in the federal capital Vienna.

Youth development

The EC VSV is known within Austria for a traditionally good education of youth players. The various youth teams have won more championship titles in the leagues of their respective age group in its history already. The U -20 scored their last title in 2008 with a successful finals series against local rivals EC KAC. Many players from the Villach elite are now in other Austrian clubs or abroad under contract.

With Michael Grabner, a former Rookie of the EC VSV has now risen to pro in North America and scorte before long three seasons in the Western Hockey League. In addition, Thomas Raffl joined Luleå HF in the Swedish Elitserien.

The Carinthian hockey Derby

  • Main article Premier Hockey Derby

A decades-long rivalry exists between the fans of the EC VSV and those of the Bundesliga clubs EC KAC Klagenfurt since the former in 1977 has risen to the top division. These derbies are regularly sold out and ask for fans of both camps special highlights of the season dar. There is also a hockey fan of a supervised home page, the " Carinthian Derby Site", the data for all of past games and collected in the form of statistics are made ​​available. This site is also one of the most detailed reference to the Austrian Hockey League. The last meeting in the playoffs between the two teams was in season 2003/ 04, where the EC KAC in the last game after extra won the 28 title.

The games of both clubs to be accompanied for decades regularly by radio station Radio Carinthia, where under the " Carinthian Hockey Magazine " is reporting live from the games. Around the Live insertions quiz games and elections are held, is selected in the framework of the listeners of the best players of both teams from the current season.


The home of the EC VSV is the Stadthalle Villach, which offers 4,500 spectators.

Average attendance