ECA stack is a slang term that is used in particular in connection with doping and bodybuilding. It comes from the Anglo- American language and is derived from stack (English for " stack " ) and the acronym ECA for the active ingredients

  • Ephedrine,
  • Caffeine (English: Caffeine ) and
  • Acetylsalicylic acid from.


The combination of these ingredients are attributed to fat burning ( " fatburner " ) and thermal as well as the drive and strength-boosting effects.

In controlled studies, a statistically significant weight-reducing effect was largely in agreement found in obese individuals.

Side effects

Especially the combination of ephedrine and caffeine can cause even at low volumes palpitations, sleep problems, restlessness, and a dry mouth. In higher doses, cardiac arrhythmias, increases in blood pressure, loss of appetite and insomnia and profuse sweating and increased nervousness may occur rarely delusions.

With long-term use is a habituation (tolerance development ) to be expected, so that the same effects occur only for higher and higher doses. In addition, it may lead to continued weakness and depression and sleep disorders. Changes in behavior and mental disorders such as paranoia can be adjusted for long-term use.

In previous studies, no significant side effects were noted within studies with short duration of therapy. In recent studies, however, were quite significant side effects. They consisted in a significant increase in blood pressure, heart rate, fasting blood glucose, insulin, free fatty acids and lactate.


  • Doping
  • Stimulant