Eccentric (mechanism)

Under an eccentric ( Latin ex centro, from the middle ', with the meaning shifted from the center ') is understood in mechanics and mechanical engineering a mounted on a shaft control disc whose center is outside the shaft axis.

Can with an eccentric, for example, rotary (rotary) in translational ( linear ) movements are converted and vice versa. The smaller the eccentricity is - as in machine tools - the more power can be developed from the drive shaft ( lever rule ), is the lower for the stroke. The purpose of the cam can thus be closer to the conversion of rotary to longitudinal movement, or rather when the force gain, in general, both these effects are desired.

The power gain is applied especially common in the eccentric press for punching and stamping sheet metal or plastics. Examples of the direction of implementation are " random orbital sander ", planer, jig saw and screws with self-made furniture.