Eckart von Hirschhausen

Eckart von Hirsch Hausen ( born August 25, 1967 in Frankfurt am Main ) is a German host, magician, comedian, comedian and writer.


Professional career

As physicians

Eckart von Hirsch Hausen studied with a scholarship from the Study Foundation of the German people at the Free University of Berlin, the University of Heidelberg and at the Royal Free Hospital in London medicine. 1993-1994 he worked as a medical resident in the euro Logie children the Free University of Berlin and received his doctorate in 1994 magna cum laude on the topic "Effectiveness of intravenous immunoglobulin therapy in the hyperdynamic phase of endotoxemia in pigs ."

As an artist

Already during his studies collected Eckart von Hirschhausen began performing as a magician and vaudeville Moderator (including conservatory Berlin, GOP Variety Theatre in Hanover and Schmidt Theater in Hamburg). In the combination of scientific content and comedic performance he created the Medical cabaret as a new genre in which he emphasizes the themes laity Public Health Education and Promotion ( "If I spread rule knowledge of medicine and useful doing, which is something profoundly enlightening that the people want and need. "). In which he, inter alia, to - already in October 2013 launched its fifth program "How to explain the unexplainable miracle healer " to practice both medicine and magic. Since 2011 he and Hellmuth Karasek are also available with the show Is this a joke? If a literary critic to the doctor ... Germany far go.

As a journalist and author

After his training as a doctor, he completed graduate studies from 1994 science journalism and writing ever since as a guest writer for several newspapers and magazines such as Der Tagesspiegel, Welt am Sonntag and Focus. As a regular columnist, he worked for Star, emotion, Playboy, Berliner Morgenpost and Hamburger Morgenpost. Currently his columns appear "Deer Stockhausen consultation " live in Star Health and "Deer Stockhausen's brains " in the brain and mind. In addition to his artistic career as a comedian began his career in 2007 as an author. Similar to the Medical cabaret, he combined the themes of medicine and humor so convincing each other that he could win many readers for himself and his two works, the liver grows with its tasks and happiness of Hazzard ... for months led the top of the bestseller lists in the non-fiction and it made ​​over 5 million copies sold the most successful non-fiction author in 2008 and 2009.

As a television presenter

From 1998 to 2003 he hosted the hr- TV weekly broadcast Guide service: health and from 2004 to 2006, he broke the German science magazine W such knowledge in their own section " Hirschhausen wants to know " the questions of the audience.

Together with Bettina Tietjen leads Eckart von Hirschhausen since September 2009 once a month by the NDR Talk show Tietjen and deer camp. Since 2010, he moderated further in the knowledge of the ARD Shows Ask times but the mouse deer Stockhausen's quiz of man (up to 2013: The fantastic Quiz of the people ). Since 2012 he runs, together with Vince Ebert, the WDR program The third education.


From Hirschhausen lives, with interruption of his studies at the University of London, since his first year in Berlin. His brother is the economist Christian von Hirsch Hausen.

Volunteer activities

Back in medical school Eckart von Hirschhausen interested for, inter alia, by the U.S. doctor Patch Adams advocated positive effect of laughter. According to the motto " Who 's in pain, so it should not be alone and have something to laugh about. " He founded in 2008 his foundation HUMOR HELPS HEAL, brings the clowns in hospitals and nursing homes (already in over 40 German cities ), from the training doctors, nurses and clowns uses and promotes the therapeutic laughter in medicine, the workplace and public. Furthermore committed by Hirschhausen for health and happiness as contents of education and supports the European competition Be Smart Do not Start not to smoke in schools. Be promoted by him, inter alia, nor the German Cancer Aid, German Foundation Depression Help and Doctors Without Borders. He is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the Bundesliga Foundation and the Scientific Advisory Board of the network " Singing hospitals ".

TV appearances

He had his first television appearance in 1995 as conjuring candidate Jürgen von der Lippe show love or money. From October 2007 until late 2008, he was with the " Hirschhausen Academy " regular guest on Late Night Show Schmidt & Pocher. In addition, inter alia, Appearances at Ottis Schlachthof, Midnight Lace and Welcome to Mario Barth.


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  • Garching cabaret mask for his solo program fillet
  • Paulaner Solo
  • Jury Prize of the Berlin cabaret festival
  • RTL Comedy Cup
  • St. Ingberter pan
  • DVD Champion in the category of special interest for its DVD luck charms Live
  • Health Media Award for his book doctor - German, German - doctor as an exemplary project of Health Communication
  • Tie Man of the Year
  • GQ Man of the Year in the category Literature
  • Golden Pen for his work as a cabaret artist and best-selling author
  • Gold Record Award and comedy each 1x sold in gold for 100.000/25.000 copies of his CD / DVD luck charm
  • Audio book Award in Gold for 100,000 copies sold of his CD The liver grows with their duties
  • Book Favorite in Category Audiobook ( Austrian Audience Award )
  • Nominated for the German Comedy Award for Best Comedian
  • Munchausen Prize of the City Bodenwerder
  • Golden Schlitzohr
  • German IQ Award in the category Culture and media
  • Nominated for the German Comedy Award for Best TV solo program for Dr. Eckart von Hirschhausen live! tokens of love
  • Comedy Gold Award for 100,000 copies sold its DVD luck Hazzard
  • Nomination for the Golden Camera at the reader's choice Best Entertainment Show for the event chaired by him sending Ask times but the mouse