Ed Solomon

Edward "Ed" Solomon ( born September 15, 1960 in Saratoga, California) is an American screenwriter, film producer and director.


After graduating from Saratoga High School in 1978 he attended from 1978 to UCLA, where he graduated in 1982 in Economics. He then traveled a short time as a stand- up comedy around the country, before he landed a staff writer for the ABC sitcom Laverne & Shirley, and three episodes of the series wrote. After a stopover in the series It's Garry Shandling 's Show, he created the characters with Chris Matheson Bill & Ted and 1989 the first feature film Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey through time. After the sequel Bill & Ted 's Bogus Journey into the Future Solomon worked mainly for mainstream films and studio productions with several screenwriters, where he was sometimes not even mentioned in the credits. He was originally intended to write the screenplay for X -Men. Also for 3 Engel für Charlie he was hired as the first in a series of screenwriters. The opening scene was the only scene that was subsequently used in the film.

With Levity 2003 his directorial debut came with a story about a man who asks after 22 years in prison in his hometown for forgiveness for his actions. Already during his studies at UCLA, he worked for the student organization Prison Coalition, inform the young people in high-security prisons. For this, he worked in a prison in the San Fernando Valley. In his classes, he met a 18 -year-old convicted murderer who always rumtrug a photo of his victims with him. This image was Solomon over the years never forget, so he write this in 1986. However, after 40 pages of paperwork, he noticed that it ähnle more of a comedy than a drama. Even in his second attempt in 1991, he stopped after 50 pages again, as it did not feel right. Only in 1996 he was able to finish the script. He then spent four years working the financing for the film to ensure.

Solomon is married to the English-American actress Cynthia Cleese since 1995 and is the son of John Cleese.

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