Eda stands for:

  • Eda (name ), name and surname
  • Eda (municipality ) Municipality in Sweden
  • Eda ( Eda ), place in the Swedish municipality of Eda
  • Eda ( Knivsta ), place in the Swedish municipality Knivsta

The abbreviation EDA stands for:

  • EDA costs ( "anyway " ), a name for the non- Involving already existing costs in cost accounting
  • Federal Department of Foreign Affairs
  • Electronic Design Automation software for the design of circuits in the electronics
  • Electrodermal activity, psychophysiological method of measurement of the electrical voltage of the body surface
  • Electronic Data Interchange
  • Eniea Dimokratiki Aristera, Ενιαία Δημοκρατική Αριστερά, Union of the Democratic Left in Greece
  • Epidural anesthesia, epidural anesthesia also
  • Equipment Data Acquisition, a standard for data collection in the semiconductor industry, also known as Interface A
  • Estimation of Distribution algorithm, a generalization of genetic algorithms
  • Ethylene diamine, a chemical compound
  • European Defence Agency, the European Defence Agency
  • European Dental Association, European Association of Dental Medicine
  • Event -driven Architecture, dt event-driven architecture, software development
  • Exploratory data analysis, as part of the statistics for the detection of existing (often hidden ) structures in data
  • Ethical- Dynamic share

EDA stands for:

  • Electronic ID card, which will replace inter alia the troops badge of the German Bundeswehr

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