Edelweiss (Aosta Valley)

The Stella Alpina ( SA) ( German: Edelweiss) is an Italian regional party. The Christian Democratic party of the center is exclusively active in the Aosta Valley and part of the political autonomy movement in the region.


The party was founded in 2002 in opposition to the regional government of Union Valdôtaine and Democrats of the Sinistra - Gauche Valdôtaine and participates since 2003 in association with the Fédération autonomiste in the government. The Stella Alpina first exhibited his deputies candidate Marco VIERIN while received a government posts Leonardo La Torre of the Fédération.

In the regional elections of 2003 Stella Alpina got together with the Fédération autonomiste 19.8% of the vote and won seven regional councils. The Fédération left shortly after the election with three regional councils alliance. From 2002 to 2006, the Stella Alpina was represented in the Chamber of Deputies by Ivo Collé.

In the 2006 elections the party went with the Union and the Fédération Valdôtaine autonomiste the Alliance Vallée d' Aosta - Autonomy Progres Fédéralisme one which, however, the center-left party alliance autonomy Liberté Démocratie subject and was able to send no deputies or senators in the Italian Parliament. In 2008, the three parties entered autonomy both in the Parliament, as well as in the regional elections reunited and set since a senator.


  • Regional Party ( Italy)
  • Christian Democratic Party
  • Policy (Aosta Valley )
  • Founded in 2002