Eder (Eggel)


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The creek originates Eder and runs in the eastern Westphalia in circles Hoexter. Its source is located north of the village church southwest of the Hollbergs in Bonenburg, the district of Warburg is as a north-western to the south-eastern foothills of the Eggegebirge, nearly 100 m (straight line ).

The Eder flows mostly east through parts of the Warburg flare over Engar and head south past Depp courts (each, a district of Willebadessen ) and the B 252 crossing through the village Großeneder to just north of Lütge Eder (each a district of Borgentreich ) or just north of the B to open in the 241 coming from the north Eggel. The latter two villages were named after the creek.

The relatively small creek had to drive the water - power, three mills already in Großeneder.


  • Ikenhauser Bach - 3.1 km long left tributary to 224 m above sea level. NN
  • Katzbach - 1.4 km long right tributary to 183 m above sea level. NN
  • Mulzbach - 4.8 km long right tributary to 175 m above sea level. NN


Villages on or near the Eggel are ( downriver considered ):

  • Bonenburg (district of Warburg )
  • Engar (district of Willebadessen )
  • Depp courts (district of Willebadessen )
  • Großeneder (district of Borgentreich )
  • Lütge Eder (district of Borgentreich )