Edgar Broughton Band

The Edgar Broughton Band is a company incorporated in Warwick (England) 1968 progressive rock band.


As early as 1966 made ​​Edgar Broughton ( born October 27, 1947 in Warwick, England), his brother Steve Broughton (born 20 May 1950), Arthur Grant (born 14 May 1950 Leamington Spa, UK) and Victor Unitt (born 5 July 1946 ) as Edgar Broughton Blues Band first recordings, but no record company wanted to release this.

The end of 1968 the band moved to London and was there through the music publishing Blackhill Enterprises, which at that time also Pink Floyd supervised enter into a recording contract at Harvest Records in December 1968. They shortened their name to The Edgar Broughton Band and advanced without Unitt, who had recently dropped out earlier, one of the leading figures of the English political Rocks. The first single release of the band in June 1969 Evil / Death of an Electric Citizen was also the first release of the label Harvest at all. Produced by Peter Jenner debut album Wasa Wasa followed in July 1969.

Together with Art Grant on bass and his brother Steve Broughton on drums, Broughton came across vain concerts henceforth his battle cry: " Out, Demons, Out! " With this monotonous repetitive song Edgar Broughton wanted to weld together the audience to a unit in his own words and the " pigs " mentality and shoot from all. Similarly simplistic and naive sounded in the early days his other songs and slogans.

Broughton fans demanded mostly free act of the group and were necessary, the doors of the concert halls when admission was demanded. In an interview with the British critic Mark Plummer Broughton said: " I ​​would like a totally utopian state, which demands nothing. But I do not quite know how should it come to that. I can only hope. And hope does not mean yes, I already know how it works. "

Twice, the group was able to place in the official UK singles charts. Out Demons Out reached number 39 in April 1970, in the spring of 1971, Apache Drop Out after several attempts to rank 33 The song is a collage of the instrumental classics from the Apache group The Shadows (1960) and Captain Beefheart's Dropout Boogie by his 1967 album Safe as Milk. Apache Drop Out was also in Germany a small single-hit ( number 42 ). The second studio album Sing Brother Sing from 1970 came in the UK at # 18.

In 1971, the band of rabid political rock turned away, and as a second guitarist Victor Unitt came, who played meanwhile in The Pretty Things, back to the band. From the third LP The Edgar Broughton Band, which reached number 28 in 1971 in the British LP charts and is one of the most compelling images of the Edgar Broughton Band, the band differentiated sounds produced. Known as the " Slaughterhouse Drive" album shows on the controversial cover to hooks suspended animal parts and between a human torso in a slaughterhouse.

The political slogans largely disappeared, and in their place appeared in the texts private issues or environmental problems. The music was enriched with string arrangements, folk elements and choirs, as in the title Evening over rooftops, and from the then largely unknown Mike Oldfield contributed some passages on the title Thinking of You at. Steve Broughton supported in return Oldfield on his 1973 published work Tubular Bells on drums. From this period dates which appeared as a single ballad also Hotel Room, one of the up to now known pieces of the Edgar Broughton Band.

In Side Out, published in July 1972, was unable to repeat the previous success, and after the completion of the fifth album Oora 1973 Unitt left the band again. He was replaced by John Thomas, who got out but after Bandages (1975 ) again, and Terry Cottam took his place. In this occupation in 1976 was still the live album Live Hits Harder, which was not published until 1979. After these recordings, the group fell apart first. 1979 reformed the Broughton brothers Arthur Grant and brought under the name The Broughtons the LP Parlez -Vous English? out. As a musician, in addition, Tom North, Pete Tolsen were (both guitar) and Richard DeBastion involved as a keyboardist. On the 1982 album Super Chip -? , Re-released The Final Silicon Solution as The Edgar Broughton Band, were in addition to the two Broughton and Tom Grant turn north and keyboardist Dennis Haines heard.

Since then, the Edgar Broughton Band published no more studio albums. During the 1980s and 1990s, the band toured irregularly and reformed in 2006 for a tour of the UK and Germany. The first live DVD was created in the WDR Rockpalast.


Studio albums

  • Wasa Wasa (1969 )
  • Sing Brother Sing ( 1970)
  • Edgar Broughton Band (1971 )
  • In Side Out ( 1972)
  • Oora (1973 )
  • Bandages (1975 )
  • Parlez -Vous English? (1979 ) (as The Broughtons )
  • Superchip - The Final Silicon Solution? (1981)

Live albums

  • Live Hits Harder ( 1976 recording, publication 1979)
  • Chilly Morning Mama - Live ( 1998)


  • A Bunch of 45s (1975 )
  • The Legendary Edgar Broughton Band (1984 )
  • Out Demons Out - The Best of the Edgar Broughton Band (1986 )
  • As What: The Best of the Edgar Broughton Band (1988 )
  • Classic Album and Single Tracks 1969 - 1973 (1992 )
  • The Very Best of the Edgar Broughton Band - Out Demons Out! (2001)
  • The Harvest Years 1969 - 1973 (4 CDs / Box set ) (2011 )


  • Evil / Death of an Electric Citizen (1969 )
  • Out Demons Out / Momma 's Reward (1970 )
  • Up Yours! / Officer Dan (1970 )
  • Apache Drop Out / Freedom ( 1970)
  • Hotel Room / Call Me a Liar (1972 )
  • Gone Blue / Someone / Mr. Crosby (1972 )