Edmund C. Lynch

Edmund Calvert Lynch ( born May 19, 1885 in Baltimore, Maryland, † May 12 1938 in London) and his friend Charles E. Merrill founded on 15 October 1915, the financial services company Merrill Lynch.


Edmund Lynch was born the son of Richard Lynch and Jennie Vernon Smith Lynch. Edmund Calvert Lynch attended the Boys' Latin School of Maryland in Baltimore and acquired in 1907 from Johns Hopkins University graduated with a BA

Merrill Lynch met in 1907, when he was looking for an apartment in New York City. Lynch entered 1914 in Merrill's company, four months after Merrill had founded this. 1915, changed the company name of Charles E. Merrill Company, Merrill Lynch and Company. In 1924 he married Signa Fornaris, with whom he 's three children Vernon, Edmund Calvert Jr. (who later joined his father's company ) and Signa Janney had.

During a business trip, he died on 12 May 1938 in London.

He bequeathed to the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine on behalf of his brother $ 50,000.