Edmund Dwyer Gray (Irish politician)

Edmund Dwyer Gray ( born December 29, 1845 in Dublin, † March 27, 1888 ) was an Irish journalist and politician.

Early life and family

Edmund Dwyer Gray was born in December 1845 as the second son of John Gray and Anna Dwyer. After the death of his father in 1875 he took over the management of the Freeman 's Journal. In 1866, Gray rescued five people in Dublin Bay from drowning. Among the witnesses to this fact, Caroline Agnes Chisholm, the daughter of Christine Chris Holm was. The two were introduced to each other a short time later and were married soon after. Gray converted this to Catholicism. The marriage went a son, the future politician Edmund Dwyer - Gray. For his rescue operation in Dublin Bay Gray received the Tayleur Medal, which is the highest award of the Royal Humane Society.

Political career

In 1875, Gray was elected to the City Council of Dublin (Dublin Corporation). There he sat down one particularly for the reform of the health of the city. In 1880 he held the office of Lord Mayor of Dublin ( Lord Mayor of Dublin) and in 1882 was the High Sheriff of Dublin. The City Council, he belonged to yet 1883.

1877 Gray was elected during a special election in the House of Commons. He had prepared in 1875 participated unsuccessfully in the by-election for replacement of his father's parliamentary seat. Gray belonged to the House of Commons like his father until his death. He died at the age of 42 after a brief illness on March 27 in 1888 and was buried on 31 March at the Glasnevin Cemetery.