Edmund Purdom

Edmund Anthony Cutlar Purdom ( born December 19, 1924 in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, England; † 1 January 2009, Rome, Italy ) was a British actor and voice actor.


Purdom was brought up before the start of his film career by the Jesuits at St. Ignatius College, and by the Benedictines. Early enthusiastic about the theater, he began his acting career in 1945 at the theater in plays by William Shakespeare and Molière. Due to his good looks Hollywood producers were aware of him, and Purdom was temporarily through his work, especially in historical films Hollywood shear embossing to a heartthrob. He had his most important role as the lead in the historical epic film Sinuhe the Egyptian by Michael Curtiz, in which he replaced Marlon Brando, who had retired in the short term of the project. Both MGM and 20th Century Fox gave him a contract.

After his career in Hollywood was faltering, he moved from 1957 his main focus back to Europe, where he appeared in numerous genre productions, including mainly produced in Italy sandals films, later in spaghetti westerns and then in horror movies. The quality of his films did this often left much to be desired.

Purdom was married four times, three times he divorced. His first wife, Anita Philips, is the mother of his children. There was Linda Christian, the ex-wife of actor Tyrone Power; his third wife was Alicia Darr. In 2000, he married Vivienne Purdom.

Purdom last lived in Rome. In Italy, he has starred in about 60 films and produced there B- contributed over many years as a speaker at the English dubbing Italian films. In addition, he also worked as a film producer.

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