Édouard Vuillard

Édouard Vuillard ( born November 11, 1868 in Cuiseaux ( Saône -et -Loire ); † June 21, 1940 in La Baule (Loire -Atlantique ) ) was a French painter of introspection and is also counted among the group of artists of the Nabis.


Vuillard was close to the Impressionists. He was next to Pierre Bonnard, Maurice Denis and Paul Sérusier and his brother- Ker -Xavier Roussel member of the artist group Les Nabis. As a leading graphic artist he created especially excellent lithographs. The magazine La Revue blanche owes him some of their best music. For his oil paintings, he developed particularly dull and seemingly transparent colors. He is regarded as one of the main masters of Post-Impressionism.

In 1964, his works at the documenta III were shown in Kassel in the Department drawings.

Works (selection)