Edscha is a company in the automotive supplier industry.


1870, the company was founded in Remscheid by Eduard Scharwächter whose initials became the company name. For coaches hinges, fittings and locks were made. Richard Albert Bremicker 1941, a great-nephew of the founder, CEO, and remained so until 1990. The first major order from the automotive industry received Edscha 1932. A new plant in Lower Bavaria Hengersberg was built in 1963. An international production began in 1975. 1984 a factory was built in Hauzenberg. The Convertible roofs began with a contract for 3 Series BMWs.

A group of the management buy -out led in April 1997 to the transfer of all shares in Kuschetzki Horst, who was managing director since 1994. In March 1999, the company was first listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. 2000 took over the company Jackson Automotive Group, Inc., a North American producer hinge. This Edscha became the market leader in this field in North America. Edscha exchange life was not long before 2002, the majority of an investor group led by the Carlyle Group and the Company's Board has been adopted. 2003, the remaining shareholders were reconciled within the framework of a squeeze -out. In November 2004, the Company's corporate manager Horst Kuschetzki joined the Supervisory Board, successor as CEO, Manfred Puhlmann.

In February 2009, the company applied for the locations in Europe insolvency, 4,200 people were affected across Europe, including 2,300 in Germany - the plants in Asia and America were excluded from the bankruptcy. This was due to massive negative developments in the global automotive market in combination with a significant deterioration in access to financing in the capital markets. In addition, the owner Carlyle had weakened capital base of the company by withdrawals. In 2008 the company had already dismissed 700 employees. Necessary remedial measures have been taken and the company continued.

In January 2010 Webasto AG took over the Edscha division convertible roof systems. The acquisition remained all jobs and locations receive. In March 2010, the antitrust authorities approved the acquisition of Body Components Business Unit by the Spanish automotive supplier Gestamp Automoción.


There are the business areas " body products", " Driven Systems" and " operating systems ". Edscha is the global market and innovation leader for door hinges and door checks with a European market share of more than 50 percent. The product portfolio in the business body products ranging from hinges for car doors, hoods and flaps over the door lock and door hinges with integrated brakes to entirely new door opening concepts.

In the area of ​​actuation systems, these include in particular hand and foot-operated pedal, and works Edscha offers an extensive range of products with expertise in lightweight construction. Increasingly come Especially when the pedal works components made ​​of plastic or hybrid design used: starting with the clutch pedal on the pedal bracket up to the brake pedal.

In addition Edscha drives made ​​for the fully automatic opening and closing trunk lids and tailgates. Again Edscha one of the leading European suppliers.