Eduardo Brito

Eduardo Brito (aka: Eleuterio Aragonez, born January 21, 1905 in Puerto Plata, † January 5, 1946 in San Cristobel ) was a Dominican opera and Zarzuelasänger (baritone ).

Brito in 1927, discovered at a banquet for the Vice President Jose Dolores Alfonseca, in which he appeared in an operetta program as a singer. He then appeared in the Cibao, San Pedro de Macoris and Santo Domingo and received a scholarship for training in Italy awarded that he never perceived. In 1928 he met the singer Rosa Elena Bobadilla, with whom he worked from then on and whom he married in 1929.

Brito and Bobadilla arrived in 1928 with a group called Los Internacionales Haiti and joined by their resolution of a Cuban group led by Margot at Rodriguez, with whom she came to Puerto Rico. From there they returned to the Dominican Republic. In 1929 Brito, Grupo Dominicano ( with Bienvenido Troncoso, Chita Jimenez and Enrique García ), with whom he recorded several plates in New York.

The Britos remained after the dissolution of the group in New York and were, amongst others, in the play El Chico next to the dancers Antonio and Catalina Cansino on. Eduardo Brito took on more plates for RCA Victor. In 1932 he came to the Company by Eliseo Grenet, among other things beside him and his wife Mapy and Fernando Cortés belonged to Spain. In Nuevo Teatro de Barcelona, he joined with great success in the zarzuela La Virgen Morena Aurelio and Eliseo Grenet Sánchez Riancho.

He appeared in another zarzuela as Katiuska, Luisa Fernanda, La del Soto del Parral, El Cantar del arriero, La del MANOJO de Rosas, El Asombro de Damasco and Los Gavilanes, before he returned to the Dominican Republic because of the Spanish Civil War in 1937. From here, he traveled to Puerto Rica, New York and Cuba. In Havana, he was celebrated for his interpretation of Marina with the Spanish tenor Hipólito Lazaro.

On another funded by the industrialist Mario Ginebra South American tour, he appeared in the Zarzuela Los Gavilanes by Jacinto Guerrero with the young baritone Carlos Ramirez. Later Brito again went with his family to New York. Having been in the Mayo Clinic a neurosyphilis was diagnistiziert, he returned to the Dominican Republic. He took a few more times in theaters and on the radio station La Voz del Yuma, before the disease ended his career. He died in early 1946 in a psychiatric hospital in mental confusion. His life was the subject of broadcasting opera La vida de Eduardo Brito Homero León Díaz.


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  • Born 1905
  • Died in 1946
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