Edvin Mathiasson

Berndt Edvin Mattiasson ( born April 16, 1890 in Trelleborg, † March 15, 1975 in Malmö) was a Swedish wrestler who competed in wrestling of the Olympic Summer Games in Stockholm in 1912 and in the lightweight class ( to 67.5 kg) bronze medal behind Gustaf Malmström (Silver) and Eemeli Väre (Gold) won.

Life and career

Mattiasson was born in 1890 in the southern Swedish town Trelleborg and still joined at a young age to the 1892 founded and still existing GAK Enighet in just a few miles north and that was being upswing city Malmo. In this same period, the club was considered a leading club in the sports of boxing and wrestling, and already at that time brought forth a number of successful athletes; including national champion, world champion and Olympic champion. In 1912 he represented his club at the Summer Olympic Games, which were held in the Swedish capital Stockholm. When in Stockholm Olympic Stadium held tournament in wrestling the then 22 -year-old Mattiasson has already participated from the first lap and fought his way through a total of seven preliminary rounds before retiring in the main rounds against Gustaf Malmstrom and Eemeli Väre and therefore even reached the bronze medal. After the Olympics, he was active for many years for the GAK Enighet. Of his later life nothing is known; He died on 15 March 1975, just one month before his 85th birthday, in Malmö.