Edward Gibson

Edward George Gibson ( born November 8, 1936 in Buffalo, New York State, United States) is a former American astronaut.

Gibson studied engineering and received a bachelor's degree in this subject in 1959 from the University of Rochester, 1960 a master and a doctorate in 1964, both from the California Institute of Technology. He also received an honorary doctorate, both from the University of Rochester as well as from Wagner College in New York in 1974.

Astronauts activity

In June 1965, Gibson was selected by NASA as a science astronaut. He then completed a 53 -week flight training at Williams Air Force Base in Arizona.

He was a member of the support teams and connection spokesman for the Apollo 12 moon mission. He was also involved in the development of the Skylab space station. As part of its preparation for the Skylab program Gibson studied solar physics and thereby wrote the book The Quiet Sun, which is a reference manual for the solar physics today.

On November 16, 1973 Gibson started as science pilot of the Skylab 4 mission to the third and final manned flight to the Skylab space station. In this hitherto longest space flight he was accompanied by Commander Gerald Carr and William Pogue the pilot. They conducted numerous experiments and extensive earthworks and solar observations. In three spacewalks Gibson spent a total of over 15 hours outside the space station. After 84 days of Skylab 4 landed back on February 8, 1974, the earth. The set up by Gibson and his teammates record held four years.

In December 1974, Gibson retired from NASA to proceedings to set research in the Skylab data to observe the Sun at the Aerospace Corporation in Los Angeles. From March 1976 he was a consultant with the ERNO aerospace engineering GmbH in Germany for a year. In March 1977, he returned to the Astronaut Office at NASA, where he worked in the field of selection and training of astronauts applicants.

According to the NASA

In October 1990 he started his own consulting firm, Gibson International Corp. , Worked at Booz Allen Hamilton and TRW, as well as president of the Oregon Museum of Science and History. He is currently Senior Vice President of Science Applications International Corporation and transfers their EROS Data Center.


Edward Gibson and his wife Julie Anne have four children.