Eejanaika (roller coaster)

Eejanaika (Japaneseええじゃないか) Fuji -Q Highland in Japan Fujiyoshida is a 4th Dimension steel roller coaster manufacturer S & S Power, which was opened on 19 July 2006. It is to X2 at Six Flags Magic Mountain, which opened in 2002, the second 4th Dimension roller coaster world. It is considered the fastest, highest and longest roller coaster of this type.

In a 4th -dimension Coaster the seats are attached laterally to the rails, and can thereby be controlled vertically rotated 360 °. This is possible through the use of four instead of two tracks: one pair of rails serves as a running rail for the train, the other two rails are used to rotate the seats. These gears and racks are used.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records Eejanaika with 14 inversions the roller coaster with the most inversions world. However, this is due to the number of seat rotations and not to the number of inversions, which are traversed by the entire train.

Other rides at the amusement park are the Dodonpa, Fujiyama and Takabisha.