ef – a fairy tale of the two.

Ef - a fairy tale of the two. is an eroge Ren'ai Adventure (proper name: Interactive Novel ) from Minori from 2006 Before the completion of the game, however, a manga and a short story collection was published, later followed by a film adaptation of an anime series, and two Light. Novels.

Game mechanics and content

The game consists of two parts, which are divided into three chapters. The first part, the first tale. , Focuses on Hiro Hirono, Miyako Miyamura, Kyosuke Tsutsumi, Kei Shindo, and Yuko Amamiya. In The Latter tale. , The second part, it's about the characters Renji Asō, Chihiro Shindo, Shuichi Kuze, Mizuki Hayama and Yū Himura. Here, the first chapter provides an introduction to the scenario in the city Otowa and the characters. The following four chapters include the history of each pair. The last chapter concludes the game.

In each of the four main chapters, the player assumes the role of a male character and can develop a relationship with a girl. Here is the gameplay mainly from animations and interviews. The player must make decisions that advance the storyline or lead to a bad end. All decisions were made correctly, the chapter concludes with the presentation of intercourse between the protagonists.

Development and publication

2004 began the development of the game at Minori headed by Nobukazu " nbkz " Sakai.

The plot was developed by the scenarist Mikage (御 影) previously part to play Developer Circus as Suika and DC - Da Capo was involved, developed in collaboration with freelance, but closely cooperating with Minori, scenarist Yū Kagami (镜 游).

First, however, history was in February 2005 in Dengeki Comic Gao manga magazine! the publisher MediaWorks (now ASCII Media Works ) published the drawings of Yū Kagami come. After setting the magazine in February 2008 joined the series in the magazine Dengeki Daioh with the same publishing house, where she was summarized so far ( July 2010) in nine anthologies.

In June 2006, then followed by the launch of the short story collection ef - a fairy tale of the two another tale in Kadokawa Shotens Comptiq magazine that was published until June 2008. The text comes here from Mikage and Yū Kagami, the illustrations were by Naru Nanao (七 尾 奈 留), contributed 2C Galore (2C =がろあ) and Shona Mitsuishi.

December 22, 2006 was finally published the first part called ef - the first tale. the computer game for the PC. The second part ef - The Latter tale. followed on 30 May 2008. directed by Mikage, who also contributed the scenario with Yū Kagami. Naru Nanao was responsible for the character design of female characters and 2C Galore for the male characters. The music was composed by Tenmon, the second part in cooperation with Eiichiro Yanagi. Makoto Shinkai animated in collaboration with the studio Ajia - dō the bias of both games and Shin Onuma was director for the end credits of the second part.

On 26 September 2010, announced that is minori publish by Manga Gamer an English localization based on the Fanübersetzung the Canadian group No Name Losers ( NNL ). The advance was originally a warning by minori for copyright infringement on their NNL Fanübersetzungen to ef and other titles as a set, with minori offered at a repeated warning in July 2010 that NNL could purchase a license and entered both parties in negotiations. The release is scheduled for 27 July 2012.



2007 by Studio Shaft, directed by Shin Onuma who already for the guy Video of ef -. The Latter tale was responsible, a 12- part television series ef - a tale of memories. produced for the game. The character design designed Nobuhiro Sugiyama and the artistic direction took Megumi Katō. The series was from October 7 to December 23, 2007 after midnight (and thus on the previous TV day ) erstausgestrahlt of Sun TV, TV Kanagawa followed with an hour offset, TV Saitama and KBS Kyoto with one or two days. From 22 October 2007, the squadron was also broadcast nationwide on AT -X.

A second series called ef - a tale of melodies. with the same bar and also 12 episodes was aired exactly a year later on October 7 to December 23, 2008 after midnight here first on TV Kanagawa; KBS Kyoto and Sun TV followed with a day shift and nationwide as of November 14, she appeared again in 2008 on AT -X.



The music of the series was composed and produced by Eiichiro Yanagi and Tenmon. The biasing song of the first season is euphoric field of Tenmon feat. Elisa, for the last episode, a Japanese -language version was used. The Broadcast was backed up with the following titles:

  • I'm here by Hiroko Taguchi
  • Euphoric field of Tenmon feat. ELISA
  • Kizamu Kisetsu by Junko Okada
  • Sora no Yume Natsumi Yanase
  • Yūkyū no Tsubasa 07mix by Yumiko Nakajima

The consequences of the second season start with the song ebullient future of Tenmon and ELISA, in which case four different versions were used. The songs for the Broadcast are:

  • Egao no Chikara from May Goto
  • Negai no Kakera by Yumiko Nakajima
  • Ebullient future ELISA
  • Ever forever from May Goto, Yumiko Nakajima, Hiroko Taguchi, Junko Okada, Natsumi Yanase

Light Novel

Two Light Novels published in 2007 under the titles MIYAKO ef - a fairy tale of the two. and KEI ef - a fairy tale of the two. 2 Fujimi Shobo at. They were written by Yū Kagami and illustrated by Kinusa Shimotsuki, but the cover illustrations are by Naru Nanao.

Internet radio show

The first internet radio broadcast for the game under the title Omoshiro Minori Hōsōkyoku (おもしろ ミノリ 放送 局) was broadcast every Friday from October 2006 to June 2007. It was produced and financed by the company Onsen, Cospa and Minori. The broadcast of the second series entitled Yumiko & Yuna no Ef Memo Radio (ゆみこ&ゆうなのえふメモ らじお) started end of June 2007, this was based more on the anime.

Radio plays

From October 2006 to April 2007 Frontier Works published a series of radio plays for the game on CD. In November 2007 and January of 2008, a Special CDs. The voices of the female characters are the same as in the game, but Hiro is spoken by Takashi Shoman and Kyosuke of Shō Shiroki.