EFA is an abbreviation for:

  • Education for all, education for all program of UNESCO
  • EFA Museum for German automotive history, presented in the Upper Bavarian Amerang a chronology German Oldtimer all brands
  • Egyptian Football Association (Arabic اتحاد الكرة المصرية ), the national football association in Egypt
  • Electric bicycle, bike with an additional electric motor
  • Director of Advertising Sales, recognized in Germany industrial electrical occupation
  • Electronic timetable ( software ), communications and information system
  • Electronic case file, multiagency Act to treat a patient, see Electronic Patient Record
  • Recommendations for pedestrian traffic facilities, technical rules in road
  • Energy for All, a former German record distribution
  • Development promotion recognition
  • First the EU Impact Assessment Pilot Project
  • European fireplaces Working Group, Quality Assurance Association for fireplaces and stoves
  • European Film Alliance GmbH, former film production company
  • European Film Academy, based in Berlin
  • European Free Alliance, a political party in Europe
  • European Forum Alpbach in Tyrol, Austria
  • European Forum for Foreign Trade, Customs and Excise EVM based in Münster, North Rhine -Westphalia
  • European Assistance Convention, regulates the relation of welfare benefits by nationals who are legally residing in another signatory state
  • European Fighter Aircraft, previously known as the Euro Fighters
  • Gospel for all, evangelical free church, the Christian wants to live according to the New Testament pattern

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