EFE is a Spanish news agency. The company is based in Madrid.

The Agency was established in 1939 after its predecessor company, in 1919 was created by a merger of two news agencies. Starting with the opening of the first editorial offices in Buenos Aires in 1965, followed a year later more in all American states. 1969 was also started on a limited scale to provide services in English and French language. Since 2001, in addition which is targeted at Brazil service exists in Portuguese.

EFE has publishing houses in Madrid, Rio de Janeiro, Miami and Cairo, in Spain the agency maintains 17 regional offices. EFE has a presence in approximately 180 cities in 110 countries, from where more than 3,000 employees work for the company. Supplied by more than 2,000 media EFE with text, pictures, audio, video and multimedia material 604 are native to America, in detail, these are 218 newspapers, 201 magazines, 73 radio stations, 49 television stations and 63 digital media.