The EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the dissemination and application of quality management systems according to the EFQM model.


The EFQM was founded in 1988 with support from the European Commission launched in order to develop a European framework for quality management ( similar to the Malcolm Baldrige model in the U.S. and the Deming in Japan).

14 European companies founded the EFQM as a Dutch foundation. The founding members were Bosch, BT, Bull computer, Ciba- Geigy, Dassault, Electrolux, Fiat, KLM, Nestlé, Olivetti, Philips, Renault, Sulzer and Volkswagen.


The EFQM has about 470 member companies and organizations in 55 countries and 50 sectors. According to estimates, more than 30,000 companies worldwide now work more or less closely according to the principles of the EFQM. In a longitudinal study extending over a period of 10 years, has demonstrated Vinod Singhal of the Georgia Institute of Technology, that a company can economically develop better ( stock quotes, sales, profits, employee numbers, etc. ) when the quality management models such as the EFQM model, the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award or the management program of William Edwards Deming work.

EFQM model

The EFQM model was introduced in 1991 as a framework directive for organizational self-assessment and as a basis for the European Quality Award ( EFQM Excellence Award today ). This prize was awarded in 1992 for the first time. The EFQM model is widely used in Europe, was last updated in 2012 and serves as a yardstick for many national and regional quality awards, such as the Ludwig Erhard Prize in Germany.


There are national partner organizations (NPOs ) and non-profit organizations with similar goals as the EFQM. They offer amongst their range of products and services, training materials and training in the respective native language.

National partners in the German language are:

  • The German Society for Quality ( DGQ ) for Germany
  • The Austrian Foundation for Quality Management ( AFQM ) for Austria
  • The Swiss Association for Quality ( SAQ) for Switzerland
  • The Foundation ESPRIX for Switzerland