EC stands for:

  • Egypt, after the country code ISO 3166-1
  • EC (journal), a journal of chess studies
  • Owners' association
  • Import permit
  • Introductory Act
  • Saving Act
  • Reception building
  • Emschergenossenschaft
  • Encyclopaedia Galactica
  • Pay band, see Collective Agreement for the Public Service of Countries # table of charges
  • Federal Compensation Act
  • Envelope Generator, see ADSR
  • Ground floor in buildings
  • Investigation team in police jargon, see also Special Commission
  • Nutrition Science High School
  • Recital, one referred to in the preamble of a legal text justification for the provisions of the legally binding part
  • Ethylene glycol
  • European Community, the former European Economic Community
  • European Communities ( European Community, European Atomic Energy Community ), forerunner of the EU
  • Evangelical Society of Germany, often abbreviated as EC
  • Lutheran hymnal of the German Evangelical Churches in Germany, Alsace- Lorraine, Austria and Luxembourg
  • Evil Geniuses, an American e-sports communities
  • Gelsenkirchen Central Station to DS 100
  • Great Britain after the ICAO code
  • Treaty establishing the European Community, formerly abbreviated as EC Treaty, in 2009 replaced by the TFEU

According to the ISO 3166-2 country code in Egypt for:

  • EC ALX, government al - Iskandariyya
  • EC ASN, Aswan Governorate
  • EC AST, Asyut Governorate
  • EC BA | Gouvernement al -Bahr al - ahmar
  • EC bra, government al - Buhaira
  • EC BNS, Beni Suef Governorate
  • EC -C, al - Qahira government
  • EC DK, government ad - Daqahliyya
  • EC -DT, Damietta Governorate
  • EC - FYM, al - Fayyum Governorate
  • EC -GH, government al - Gharbiyya
  • EC -GZ, province al - Giza
  • EC HU, former Gouvernemtn Helwan
  • EC -IS al - Isma ʿ government iliyya
  • EC JS, South Sinai Governorate
  • EC KB, government al - Qalyubiyya
  • EC - KFS, Governorate Kafr al- Sheikh
  • EC - CN, Qena Governorate
  • EC -LX, government al - Uqsur
  • EC MN, al - Minya governorate }
  • EC MNF government al - Minufiyya
  • EC -MT, Matruh Governorate
  • EC -PTS, government Bur Sa ʿ id
  • EC - SHG, government Sauhadsch
  • EC - SHR, ash Sharqiyah Governorate
  • EC -SIN, government Schimal Sina
  • EC -SU, former government as- Sadis min Uktubar
  • EC - IIP, government as- Suwais
  • EC WAD, government al - New Valley

EC as distinguishing signs on license plate:

EG and E. G. stands for:

  • Registered cooperative
  • Registered society

Eg stands for:

  • Easy game in the computer gaming jargon
  • The country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) for Egypt, see. ec

E. G. stands for:

  • Exempli gratia ( = for example), see List of Latin phrases

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