Egbert II of Kent

Ecgberht II (also: Ecberht, Ecgberhtus, Egcberth ) was from 764 bis 779/784 a king of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Kent.


Around the year 764 the kings disappeared Sigered (West Kent) and Eanmund ( East Kent ) from the sources as Offa ( 757-796 ), king of Mercia, the supremacy over Kent gained. Offa sat Ecgberht II (c. 764-779/784 ) in the western and eastern Heahberht in Kent as a vassal kings. This situation meant that Heahberht the land grant of the Kentish King Ecgberht II had to agree. Ecgberht poured in 765 lands at Bishop Eardwulf of Rochester. In addition to the consent of his Mitkönigs Heahberht the licentia ( permission ) Offa was required as a representative of the hegemonic power. 772 testified Ecgberht a land grant Offa. At least Ecgberht seems significant support in Kent to have had, and was not completely dependent on Offa.

Ecgberht and his co-regent Heahberht opposed the supremacy Mercia. Both were in Canterbury new coins on the model of the Carolingian denarii shape. In addition to the mercantile function, the coins were also a political symbol against the Mercian hegemony. Archbishop of Canterbury Jænberht ( 765-792 ) seems to have recognized the struggle for autonomy of the two Kentish kings. Heahberht was no longer mentioned in the sources soon. Ecgberht won in 776 at the Battle of Otford a victory over Offa and ruled over the next few years as an independent king probably all over Kent. At least since 778 Ecgberht could confidently dispose of his lands. Transfers to Bishop Deora of Rochester did not require approval of a Mitkönigs or Overlord. Ecgberhts sphere of influence extended also likely to Surrey and parts of Essex and Sussex.

With the last issued in the year 779 Charter Ecgberht vanished from the tradition. In the year 784 is Ealhmund, who may have been his brother, as his successor occupied. Maybe Ealhmund was Ecgberhts since the 770er years co-regent or viceroy. To 784/785 Kent fell again under the control of Offa, who ruled the country until his death in 796 itself. He recanted the " unauthorized " made ​​by Ecgberht dispositions, which he regarded as illegitimate.


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