Egge (range)


View from Eggeturm on the Velmerstot south over the main ridge of the Eggegebirge

The Eggegebirge ( also briefly called the Harrow ) is a to about 464 m above sea level. NN high Mittelgebirgszug of Lower Saxony's mountain country in the districts of Hoexter, Lippe and Paderborn in eastern North Rhine -Westphalia, Germany.

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The term " harrow " is a general term for Low German elongated hill crests or ridges; linguistic counterpart are the " Siepen / Siefen / Serial" (for which the harrow accompanying V-shaped valleys ). Until the 17th century the Eggegebirge together with the north-west continuous bore the name of the Teutoburg Forest Osning.


Geographical location

The Eggegebirge takes place in Lower Saxony mountain country as part of the Upper Weser Uplands from the southeast end of the Teutoburg Forest in Horn-Bad Meinberg in the north to the Valley of springing in the far south-west to Rothaargebirge Diemel at Scherfede in the south and so to the north end of the Sauerland. It is located about 15 km east of the city of Paderborn.

The interface for running to the northwest Teutoburg Forest lies directly north-northwest of Lippe Velmerstot ( 441.4 m above sea level. NN ), at the Silver Mill ( 249.1 m ) and on Silver Creek, the north-north- eastward flowing from Veldrom after Leopoldstal. North-west of the valley lies the southeast flank of Mount knee ( 365.1 m), which includes not only the south but it still lying west of the Silberbachtals book mountain (about 385 m ) to the south-eastern mountains of the north- westward Teutoburg Forest. From this Nahstelle the Eggegebirge pulls to the south, among others, on the Lippe ( 441.4 m above sea level. ) And Prussian Velmerstot (approx. 464 m), the home heath ( 441.4 m; Altenbeken between the northwest and Bad Driburg in the southeast ) and the Bierbaum nail ( 431.4 m) to the Hellberg ( 343.1 m) at Scherfede, located on the lower reaches of the beginning of the Diemel.

Together with the southeast part of the Teutoburg Forest itself forms the Eggegebirge the elongated and 2711 km ² large nature park, particularly formerly known as Teutoburger Wald / Eggegebirge also Eggegebirge Nature Park and Southern Teutoburg Forest.

The foothills of the Eggegebirge that are partly beyond the harrow main ridge accompanying longitudinal valleys and valley, to the northwest of the Senne, on the east by the Upper Forest country, on the southeast by the Warburg flange, on the south by the valley of the Diemel, in southwest to the forest with the Warburg beyond Sintfeld located and to the west by the Paderborn area with high Paderborn.

Rhine -Weser watershed

The main ridge of the Eggegebirge is a part of the Rhine -Weser watershed. While the water of most rivers that originate on the east side of the ridge flows over Emmer and Nethe into the Weser, almost all streams that entfließen the west side of the ridge, over the lip into the Rhine drain.


To the mountains and foothills ( part only heights of Harrow main ridge ) belong in the Egge Mountains and its foothills - sorted by height in meters ( m) above mean sea level (NN, if not specified otherwise in generally noisy) and with nearby towns:

  • Prussian Velmerstot, even Prussian Velmerstot ( 464 m), between stone -Sandebeck, Horn-Bad Meinberg Feldrom and Leopoldstal with Eggeturm ( lookout tower )
  • Field Romer Mountain ( 446.3 m), Horn-Bad Meinberg Feldrom
  • House Heide ( 441.4 m), Bad Driburg
  • Velmerstot Lippe, Lippe also Velmerstot ( 441.4 m), Horn-Bad Meinberg Leopoldstal
  • Dowel neck ( 436.5 m), Altenbeken
  • Rehberg ( 427.4 m), Bad Driburg - Langeland
  • Castle ( 423.0 m), Warburg Bonenburg
  • Varenberg ( 415.2 m), Warburg Bonenburg
  • Fill mountain ( about 415 m), Bad Driburg
  • Klusenberg (approx. 414 m), Bad Driburg
  • Needle ( 413.5 m), Warburg Hardehausen
  • Steinberg ( 410 m), Bad Driburg - Neuenheerse
  • Bente Berg ( 407.3 m), Lichtenau- Kleinenberg
  • Mittelberg ( 407 m), Bad Driburg - Neuenheerse
  • Ochsenberg ( 403.6 m), Altenbeken
  • Trötenberg ( 401.3 m), Altenbeken
  • Upper Kleinenberg ( 396.4 m), Lichtenau- Kleinenberg
  • Netheberg ( 387.3 m), Bad Driburg - Neuenheerse
  • Zangenberg ( 386.6 m), Bad Driburg - Neuenheerse
  • Neuwaldsberg ( 382.4 m), Altenbeken
  • Pig Mountain ( 382 m), Bad Driburg
  • Iburg, also Iberg ( 381.2 m), Bad Driburg
  • Holschenberg ( 380.1 m), Altenbeken
  • Paderborn mountain (380 m), Willebadessen
  • Reuter mountain ( 379 m), Lichtenau
  • Imkenberg (372 m), Lichtenau
  • Summer mountain ( 369.7 m), Altenbeken
  • Brock Mountain ( 368.1 m), Altenbeken - Schwaney
  • Wart Hill ( 367.6 m), Lichtenau- Kleinenberg
  • Kleeberg (365 m), Altenbeken


The rivers in the Egge Mountains and its foothills include (in estuary waters ):

  • Aa ( Neth )
  • Altenau ( Alme )
  • Beke ( lip )
  • Diemelange (Weser)
  • Helmerte ( Neth )
  • Heubach ( Emmer )
  • Hilgen Bach ( Aa)
  • Lip (Rhein)
  • Naure ( Diemel )
  • Nethe (Weser)
  • Eyelet ( Nethe )
  • Sage Bach
  • Sauer ( Altenau )
  • Silver Creek ( Heubach )
  • Strothe ( lip )

Nature Reserves

This list runs from north to south, the wildlife sanctuaries at which relate to the main ridge of the harrow and north of the wash brook lie. They are located in the districts of Detmold, Paderborn and Hoexter.



The Eggegebirge has an extensive network of trails, ideal for walking. In most cases, its main ridge leads in a north-south direction as part of Hermann Trail and the European long-distance path E1 the 70-km long Eggeweg, one of the German long-distance trails. Since 2004 he is a certified by the German Hiking Association quality trail.


Among the destinations and attractions in or near the Eggegebirge include:

  • Old railroad, ground monument, a former railway tunnel construction site of 1847
  • Altenbeken station with railway junction and near Altenbekener viaduct; in Altenbeken
  • Bierbaum nail, Lookout; at Borlinghausen
  • Bodostein; at Bad Driburg - Langeland
  • Thickness oak, Millennial oak with 11 m in circumference; at Borlinghausen
  • Eggeweg, Trail as part of the Hermann High Route on the harrow main ridge
  • Sinkholes and dolines in numerous places of Eggegebirge
  • Glassworks from the High Middle Ages around 1150 on the anchor neck
  • Willebadessen monastery, a former Benedictine monastery; Willebadessen
  • Model Federal Railroad in the historic freight station of Bad Driburg
  • Fürstenallee, historic section of today's national road 937; south of the Gauseköte
  • Klusweide memorial, commemorating five of former prisoners of war on July 20, 1945 murdered German; in Bad Driburg
  • Iburg, ruins of a castle built before 799 AD with an adjacent observation tower Kaiser -Karls- tower from 1904; in Bad Driburg
  • Prussian Velmerstot, highest mountain in Eggegebirge; in the districts of Horn-Bad Meinberg and Steinheim
  • Teutoburg Forest, just northwest of the Eggegebirge then neighboring mountains
  • Black Cross; at Bad Driburg - Langeland

Transport links

Just north of Eggegebirge extends slightly beyond the interface to the Teutoburg Forest in the southwest-northeast direction, the Federal Highway 1, about midway into the west-east direction of the B 64 through the mountains and southwest over, in the transition region to Warburger forest runs the federal highway 68 with access to the nearby highways 7 and 252 and on the latter to the federal highway 44

Through the harrow main ridge the Railroads Hanover Altenbeken, Altenbeken - Kreiensen and Herford Himmighausen lead in west-east direction in the context of a common piece in the 1,632 m long track Rehberg tunnel. It connects you to the railway line Hamm- Warburg, which leads in the 2880 m long Eggetunnel in northwest-southeast direction through the comb.