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The Eggel is a 17.4 km long, orographic left or northern tributary of the Diemel in North Rhine -Westphalia, Germany. The underflow is about 400 m long, the border between North Rhine -Westphalia and Hesse.


The creek Eggel which leads in most cases a relatively small amount of water rises in eastern Westphalia in circles Hoexter. Its source is in the Warburg beading just under 3 km north- west of Borgentreich, around 2.5 km south- southwest of the district Natzungen or about 675 m ( distance per distance) north-northeast of Mount Kahlenberg ( 247.7 m above sea level. NN ) to about 235 m above sea level. NN.

Initially, the Eggel flows to West southwest toward Eissen (district of Willebadessen ), but it bends a 1.5 km before the village after east-southeast from. In this direction, it passes through the Warburg flare past the Soethemühle and Aldorpsen, after coming from eastern directions watercourses Bright and mill creek open out, after Lütge Eder (district of Borgentreich ), where the coming of western streams Eder (not the Fulda- to be confused inflow Eder) and Siekbach open out.

Further south, passing through the villages of the Eggel Rösebeck (district of Borgentreich ) in the east and Daseburg (district of Warburg ) in the west and the Desenberg in the West, something to make further downstream to approximately 400 m in length, the border with Northern Hesse. At this boundary, it opens below Übelgönne ( belonging to Warburg estate ) between Warburg in the west and in the east Liebenau to about 150 m above sea level. NN in the coming of the West Diemel, which is a western tributary of the Weser.

On its 17.4 km long road which Eggel overcomes a height difference of 85 m, corresponding to an average bed slope of 4.9 ‰. She drains a catchment area of 107.024 km ², of which 0.209 km ² are in Hesse.


Among the tributaries of Eggel include ( downriver considered, with junction area ):

  • Helle ( just south of Aldorpsen )
  • Mill creek ( between Aldorpsen and Lütge Eder)
  • Eder ( just north of Lütge Eder)
  • Siekbach (not far northeast of Lütge Eder)


Attractions near the Eggel include:

  • Castle Desenberg on the Desenberg


Villages on or near the Eggel are ( downriver considered ):

  • Eissen (district of Willebadessen )
  • Lütge Eder (district of Borgentreich )
  • Rösebeck (district of Borgentreich )
  • Daseburg (district of Warburg )
  • Übelgönne (former manor )


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