Egidius Braun

Egidius Braun ( born February 27, 1925 in Breinig ( now part of Stolberg in the Aachen region ) ) is a former German football official and from 1992 to 2001, President of the German Football Association. Subsequently, he was appointed Honorary President. That same year, Brown founded the " DFB Foundation Egidius Braun" that takes care of, inter alia, distressed young people. Furthermore, the " Egidius Braun Prize" is awarded by WDR.


At the age of 13 years was Egidius Braun player at SV Breinig. After graduating from high school in 1943 in Alsdorf he became a soldier in the Second World War and was taken prisoner, from which he was discharged in 1946. After his return, Brown made ​​, the law and philosophy studied, self-employed with the company " Potato Brown ". In addition, he played football for the first team of the SV Breinig, which he chairs took over until February 20, 1959 August 19, 1956.

After work at local level Brown was elected on 4 August 1973 the President of the Football Association Middle Rhine and a member of the DFB Advisory Board. On 25 August of the same year he became vice president of the West German Football Association.

From 1983 to 1987 Brown was a director of the 1st FC Cologne. On his 60th birthday, February 27, 1985, to him the Federal Cross of Merit 1st class was awarded. The Federal Cross of Merit with Star, he received in 1997. Recognition of his contributions to the state of North Rhine -Westphalia 1995, he was honored with the Order of Merit of North Rhine- Westphalia.

From 1977 to 1992 he was treasurer of the DFB. After further Presidency in the Football Association Middle Rhine ( 1981, 1983, 1986 and 1992) Brown was elected on 24 October 1992 on the 8th president of the DFB. In the same year he was also member of the Presidium of the National Olympic Committee. He held until April 28, 2001 The President.

During the FIFA World Cup 1986 in Mexico Brown visited with some internationals a Mexican orphanage and founded in the wake of the misery Mexico help the Egidius Braun Foundation. Among other things, Brown, in addition to its charitable commitment, its always very friendly, sometimes avuncular nature acting within the DFB and UEFA, and not least in the whole environment of the German football brought a lot of sympathy. Nevertheless, the public also problematic situations he was not spared. Brown had to justify sustainable for its solidarity with the vehemently the criticized national coach Berti Vogts about after the departure of the German national team at the World Cup 1994 in the USA. The tabloid called Vogts to resign. Two years later won national coach Vogts the European Championship. In 1998, the DFB president and former successful international Paul Breitner had agreed in a telephone conversation appears to have been over whose appointment as team manager of the national team; but Brown took a few hours later by this agreement again distance. Brown justified this by saying that Breitner abgemachte the confidentiality of the telephone conversation is not respected and have reported it to third parties. Breitner wanted to see, however, the actual cause of the nebulous process that Brown had in the meantime learned of critical remarks he had formerly spoken over the DFB president.

Egidius Braun is married and has two sons. He is a hunter and nature lover. Today, the followers of Alemannia lives in Aachen. He suffered a stroke on 16 October 2006.

Activities in the UEFA


Egidius Braun Price

Since 2002, give a Egidius Braun price the Aachener Nachrichten. The award is reserved for people from the regional sports that are not in the public spotlight. The decision will be the jury. The winners are:

  • 2002 Herbert Oprei; Special education for disabled children ( Department of Sport )
  • 2003 Gerta Nadenau; Youth worker in SV Neptun Aachen 1910
  • 2004 Peter Borsdorff; Marathon runners for his commitment to children with disabilities.
  • 2005 Wilfried Pohlmann; 30 years in youth football coach
  • 2006 Egbert Schaffrath; Youth Handball coach in Aachen
  • 2007 Paul King; 87 -year-old active athletes from Stolberg ( Rhineland)
  • 2008 Waltraud Kalmbach from SC Mausauel Nideggen
  • 2009 Martin Kerenkewitz; " Mister Handball " by Blue-White Alsdorf († March 17, 2013 )
  • 2010 Dieter Jollet from SV Breinig
  • 2011 Ralf Klohr; Initiator of the Fair Play League

Since 2010 also gives the Football Association Middle Rhine (FVM ) a Egidius Braun Prize for social engagement. The award is endowed with 5,000 euros. The winners so far: