EGroupware is a multi-user groupware that has been developed on the PHP pre-processor.

The software is the result of a spin-off of the free phpgroupware. The project distributes its software under the terms of the GNU General Public License ( GPL). The development team consists of 68 developers from the countries USA, Italy, Netherlands and Germany. In Brazil EGroupware is used by many government agencies and companies and works in networks with more than 10,000 clients. Commercial technical support and hosting plans are available for EGroupware also in the German room.


EGroupware is developed in the PHP scripting language and is therefore platform independent (Linux, Windows, BSD server). The databases used various open source databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MaxDB ) or Microsoft SQL Server can be used. The authentication can be done against their own user accounts in SQL or LDAP, or against an external system, for example, Mail Server, Active Directory Server (ADS ).

Comparable programs are the proprietary groupware servers such as Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Domino. For some mail server (Cyrus, Postfix, DB -mail in preparation) EGroupware can already manage the complete mail server.

Since you can change EGroupware, or expand with their own functionalities, there are open source ERP systems that use EGroupware as a platform.

Applications and Features

EGroupware includes, inter alia, the following applications:

Versions and version history

The version ( 1.4 ) was released in May 2007. Especially in the address book, calendar and user management, the program has been greatly enhanced. The next version is expected to include a new program for central file storage, which combines the features of File Manager and MyDMS in itself.

For the 25th November 2008, Version 1.6 was officially announced. This includes not only the above- mentioned file storage, new features in e- mail client and helpdesk. The design of the interface has been beefed up a bit. Many suggestions and bug fixes from the community have been incorporated during development.

For a short time Tine 2.0 was an official subproject of EGroupware. In this sub-project is about the development of future technologies for the EGroupware project. Due to internal disagreements, the EGroupware project and Tine 2.0 but have separated in February 2008.

Since July 2009, the first professional version of EGroupware is available, which is marketed in the form of a software subscription. This " EGroupware Premium Line" mentioned product line includes a maintenance contract for the source code and corresponding RPMs, so that an automatic update is possible.