Egy-Tech Engineering

Egy -Tech ( Arabic: ايجى تك ) is an Egyptian automobile manufacturer with headquarters in Cairo, specializing in the development and production of three-wheeled microcar.

According to the company's founding in 1997, the team took the popular Thai auto-rickshaw tuk- tuk manufacturer tuktuk Forwerder Co, Ltd. as a model. But the outdated design of the sixties did not meet the expectations of the team. According to the purpose to bring a vehicle in a contemporary design on the market, it took a few years later, the South Korean Daewoo Matiz as a template. 2008 we took over the technical design for a new design as a template. The Arab Authority for industrialization was given the task of preparing the vehicle engines.

The two three-wheel car models Egy -Tech Maestro and Egy -Tech Micro were first presented at an Egyptian automotive show in the world public in January 2010. Available are the two car models for unit prices of 17,450 and 17,490 LE. The engines start at 150 cc with a power output of 11.7 hp. The second version is a motor with a cylinder capacity of 175 cc and has an output of 13.1 hp. The version with 200 cc of contrast, offers a power output of 13.7 hp. The most powerful engine is a cylinder capacity of 250 cc, a power of 15.3 hp available. The maximum speed indicated by the manufacturer for all versions at 60 km / hr.

Standard features include seat belts, cassette radio, hydraulic brake assistant and a display panel on the velocity, temperature and the filling level of the tank can be seen. Qualitatively the manufacturer's vehicles, there are very bad and the interior offers mostly simple plastic. The vehicles do not correspond to the European standard and are intended for enthusiasts who need a vehicle just to move from one place to another or even for those who give such a vehicle preference. Cars similar to it has recently been in Europe with the Reliant Robin. In North America, however, the models have the ZAP! Xebra as direct competitors.