Egyptian Arab Socialist Party

The Egyptian Arabic Socialist Party (Arabic حزب مصر العربي الاشتراكي Hizb Misr al - Arab al - ishtaraki ) was an Arab nationalist and Islamic- socialist party in Egypt with about 750 members.

The party endorsed in general the defense of the gains of the Egyptian Revolution of 1952. In September 2012, it merged with numerous other parties to the conference party.


It developed in the context of the differentiation of the Arab Socialist Union in three policy platforms from 1974 ( right, center, left ). The Egyptian Arabic Socialist Party represented the tendency of the center, was per - sadatistsich and stood for a long time under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister Mamdouh Salem.

The party was re-established on 27 September 1992. In 2005, she nominated its leader, Wahid Al- Uksory, a candidate in the presidential election of 2005. Later, she was part of the Democratic Alliance and had a seat in the Egyptian People's Assembly.