Egyptian German Automotive Company

The Egyptian German Automotive Company is a company founded in the city of the 6th October from Samy Hanna and the Daimler-Benz CEO Jürgen Schrempp in 1996 joint venture for the manufacture of vehicles of the Mercedes-Benz brand.

The start of production began the following year with the assembly of CKD kits of the E-Class. Later, the C-, S- and GLK-Class followed.

With the completion of the CNC machining center in 2002, alongside the work has been renowned in the automotive supplier industry, and supplies since spare parts centers and a variety of works from the Daimler Group, including the German, with brake discs. The second step in the in-house production was recorded in 2006 by the company now also started deep drawing presses for the manufacture of body components. In a just-in -time delivery, the German Daimler plants are supplied from there.

The company also units of the E-Class exports to Kuwait and in the People's Republic of China to meet rising demand for automobiles there German brands. The annual production of the EGA is just under 1700 units.

Model Overview

  • CKD assembly
  • SKD assembly