EHC Basel

  • Swiss vice- champion in 1946, 1952
  • Promotion to the National League A in 1941, 2003, 2005
  • B Champion 1956, 2003, 2005

The EHC Basel is a Swiss ice hockey club from Basel. It was founded on 14 October 1932 He emerged from the Hockey section of the SC Rotweiss, which was founded in 1931. So far, the EHC was still able to win a championship, but in 1946 and 1952 Swiss vice- champion and in 1956, 2003 and 2005 NLB champion.

  • 3.1 attendances
  • 6.1 Goalkeeper
  • 6.2 defense
  • 6.3 Forward
  • 6.4 Coaches


Start time

Already 1931/32 originated in the Sport Club Rotweiss a hockey section, whose name was changed in October 1932 in EHC Basel. Another year later merged the two clubs to EHC Basel- Rotweiss. Although the new club was already in the following year Series B master of central Switzerland, the first years were difficult: 1935 there were mass resignations and the New Hockey Club Basel ( NEHCB ) was founded. However, this was in 1939 re-dissolved and rückfusioniert with the EHC Basel- Rotweiss. The EHC Basel- Rotweiss but survived and was again in the seasons 1936/37 and 1937/38, Series B master of central Switzerland. 1941, the EHC was promoted to the National League A and remained through the war years in the top division. 1945/46, is considered the season of breakthrough. Just under the master title was missed and the young crew of the EHC was second in the championship. For the first time against the Zürcher SC ( 3:4 away win ) and HC Davos could ( 4:4 ) points to be won. Regularly visited in this period between 5,000 and 10,000 spectators, the art of Railways St. Margerethen. In the same season, the EHC Basel- Rotweiss denied as national Switzerland B official against Belgium and Holland, both of which were won. In addition, they played as EHC Basel- Rotweiss against the Canadian Army Master and lost 6:2. In the season 1948/49, the EHC could ever defeat the HC Davos in Davos as the first team. The 2-1 away success (and a 4:4 at home) prevented a further championship title of the Grisons. 1952, the EHC Basel- Rotweiss was the second time vice-champion and is considered as the largest hockey club in Switzerland. 1952/53, increased the Basel for the first time in the National League B, went after the deciding game against Ambri 7:3 lost. 1956 was the EHC after winning the Championship play in the NLB to the climb. Opponents in the crucial relegation match at the Basel Art One track was the SC Bern. The game was won 10-9, with Ron Barr scored the crucial winning goal just two minutes to play. The EHC Basel could be for a few years - and for the last time for a long time - keep them in the top flight.

40 years no man's land

From the 1960s, the success came from and the EHC slipped further into the lower division from: Only the supposed decline in 1962 in the National League B, which was on the reconstitution of the National League A is not fact, then the final descent into the National League B 1963. the relegation match were played and lost to the Zurich Grasshoppers. Already 1966/67, was even the play-offs in the first league, the third- highest division. In 1969 Kurt Sepp as coach and after the team had intensified with the Alt- International Pio Parolini, 1972 managed to rise again in the National League B. The joy was short lived and after relegation in the first league was the low point of the club's history 1977 reached the descent in the second league. The following year was the EHC Basel is referred to as what " lift " team - once up, then down again. 1984 was fought with Jim Koleff as top scorer of the resurgence in the National League B, but in 1987 it went downhill again - right up to the second league. 1988, the EHC was rescued with the help of donors from bankruptcy; 1990 merged the club with the EHC EHC Basel Kleinhueningen to KLH Dragons. Although the EHC Basel AG was founded for the first team, the junior and youth teams still glad EHC Basel KLH Dragons. In the 1990s, held the EHC Basel KLH in the first league before in 2000, despite a defeat in the playoff final and thanks to an increase in the National League B, the rise in the second highest league succeeded.

Again, this

Between 1977 and 1999, the EHC shuttled between the National League B (from 1984-1987) and 2nd league until 2000 when the re-emergence in the National League B on green table. 2002 new ice rink was inaugurated. On 23 March 2003, the EHC Basel won the final of the B championship against Visp and after 40 years the direct promotion was celebrated in the National League A. Contributed to succeed President Michael Geiger and coach Beat Lautenschlager. Simultaneously with the promotion of the club in EHC Basel has been renamed. In the season 03 /04 EHC played a miserable qualification; he could indeed increase in the relegation matches enormous, but the descent was no longer prevent. With the commitment of Kent Ruhnke, former champion coach of SC Bern, the EHC Basel underlined his ambitions for the speedy revival. The season was extremely successful: Basel was B- master and defeated in the League qualifying the HC Lausanne in the best- of- seven series 4-3 and thus increased again in the National League A. With targeted reinforcements had been preparing for the new season. The first foreigner position occupied, the Swede Niklas Anger, who came from B- finalist HC Sierre.

In the 2005/06 season, the EHC Basel managed with the 6th place in the qualifying surprisingly made ​​it into the playoff quarter-finals, while the premature League receipt. Here, it came to a duel against the defending champion HC Davos. He lost the best-of -seven series 4-1, where he could win against Davos in the first home game, but in the third game away conceded a " stalks ".

The 2006/07 season was disappointing in contrast to the previous ones. After a surprisingly excellent lightning start, the club slipped steadily in the crisis, so that the end of 2006 Ruhnke was released and was replaced by Mike McParland. With this, the EHC Basel achieved even more than the 12th and last place in qualifying, but was able to secure against Langnau the league and the eleventh final rank for in the second Playoutrunde. Mike McParland was in the Playoutfinals against the HC Ambri -Piotta replaced after a weak 2007/08 season by assistant coach Glen Williamson.

After losing series against Ambri -Piotta failed the EHC Basel in the League qualification also on NLB winner EHC Biel with 0:4 in the series. On 8 April 2008, the EHC Basel rose after three years in the top flight again in the National League B from.

The 2008/09 season was marked by a new beginning. Only just one player continued his career at the EHC Basel. It was also committed with Kari Rauhanen a new coach, who began to work with the strongly revitalized team. The objectives had to be adjusted downward. The EHC Basel is henceforth more on the expansion of the youth organization and received by the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation, the label of a power center. In particular, the association aims at closer cooperation with regional hockey clubs and has also undergone a change of name in this context.

Basel Summer Ice Hockey

From 19 to 22 August 2009, the Basel Summer Ice Hockey Tournament was held for the first time. Here were five teams from home and abroad, the HC Davos and HC Servette Genève, SKA St. Petersburg, HK Dinamo Minsk and White Tigers Liberec, as well as the host EHC Basel.

A year later, went from 18 to 22 August 2010, the second edition of the stage. Addition to the host EHC Basel Sharks, the team HC Servette Genève, Barys Astana, HC Eaton Pardubice, defending SKA St. Petersburg and the tournament winner HC Slovan Bratislava participated.

The third Basel Summer Ice Hockey Tournament was held from August 21, 2011 17. The six participants from five countries were in the order SKA St. Petersburg Barys Astana and the host EHC Basel Sharks, and for the first time to the SC Bern, the Krefeld Penguins and the eventual winners JYP Jyväskylä.

The Board of Directors of the EHC Basel Sharks decided the Basel Summer Ice Hockey no longer perform in 2012.


The EHC Basel plays its home games since 2002 in the St. Jakob Arena. The 6612 -seat arena is one of the largest and most modern in the National League B. With the construction of exit ( ' Kunschti ') St. Margaret was on the ice rink connected. The fan curve is called " Brüglingerkurve ".




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