Ehsan Bayat

Ehsan Bayat (Persian احسانالله بیات - Ehsanullah Bayat; b. 1963 in Kabul ) is a native of Afghanistan, American entrepreneur.


Bayat comes from a prominent Shiite family of businessmen and academics. Ehsan Bayat attended after graduating from medical school in Kabul to become a doctor, but then went in 1980 in the United States, where he earned a university degree as a technician. In New York he became a successful businessman and an American citizen.

1995, before the Taliban came to power, he and Gary Breshinsky († 2003) and another the Telephone Systems International Ltd.. (TSI ) in Parsippany, New Jersey, to build a mobile network with the intention of in Afghanistan. In September 1998, before there were any government restrictions in the U.S., they made this a contract for 240 million U.S. dollars, probably with the Taliban.

In July 1999, they wanted the order of President Bill Clinton, not to deal with the Taliban, ignore at first, but then put the plans on ice. Breshinsky got out.

2001 Bayat went back to Afghanistan and founded Afghan Wireless Communications Company ( AWCC ), are involved in the TSI to 80% and the Afghan Ministry of Communications to 20%. In April 2004, she took on the mobile service.

He also founded Ariana Television Network, and a charitable foundation Bayat Foundation.