Eiao Monarch

The Eiao - spot Monarch ( Pomarea FLUXA ) is an extinct species of bird in the family of the monarch. He was endemic to the island Eiao in the Marquesas. By 2004 he was regarded as a subspecies of Iphis - flycatcher ( Pomarea Iphis ).


The Eiao - spot Monarch reached a length of 170 millimeters, the wing length was 79-86 mm, tail length 69 to 77 millimeters, the beak First measure from 14.5 to 16 millimeters, the beak length from the nostril 10 to 10.8 mm, and the run was 26 to 27 millimeters long. In the adult male of the head, the neck, the chest and the upper and lower tail-coverts were black with a slight iridescence. The wings, including the quills and wing-coverts were sooty black. The central feathers were sooty black and slightly shiny. The back, shoulders, rump, breast, belly and flanks were speckled black and white. The iris was brown. The beak was black and blue at the base of the mandible. The feet and legs were black. In the adult females of the upper head and the neck were olive brown with some versprenkelten feathers on the forehead, the crown and around the eye. The shoulders, the rump and upper tail-coverts were cinnamon. The wings were olive-brown with white tips. The back was bright cinnamon brown. The chest and throat were heavily speckled.


The species inhabited scrubland and tropical and subtropical dry and moist forests in the lowlands of the island Eiao.


Much of the original lowland dry forest on Eiao has been destroyed by overgrazing. Introduced cats and rats introduced by the monarch. By naturalization of the brown chest Reed finches ( Munia castaneothorax ) were also introduced avian diseases on Eiao. 1977 Eiao - spot Monarch was detected for the last time.