Eibar (Spanish Éibar ) is a city in the province of Gipuzkoa in the Basque Autonomous Community in Spain.


Eibar is located at 121 m altitude in Deba Basin in the far west of the province of Gipuzkoa on the border of Vizcaya. The climate is maritime, with mild winters and cool summers. The city is located in a narrow valley in a mountainous environment, the elevations around the city have heights of 700 to 800 m.

By the river Ego Eibar, which still leads to the metropolitan area in the Deba flows.


The city was founded on February 5, 1346 in a document as Villanueva de San Andrés de Eibar by Alfonso XI. founded by Castile.

Economy and infrastructure

Since the late Middle Ages weapons are manufactured in the city. A major arms manufacturer, for example, was the STAR, Bonifacio Echeverria S. A. Today, the focus of the industry lies in the mechanical engineering and motor vehicle parts manufacturing. One of the most important companies in today's Eibar is the former sewing machine manufacturer and today's engineering group Alfa.

Eibar is located on the motorway AP -8 midway between San Sebastian and Bilbao. The National Road of the Spanish north coast N -634, which connects the city with San Sebastian and Bilbao also passes through Eibar. Furthermore Eibar is connected to the Vitoria- Eibar motorway AP -1.

Both the Basque narrow gauge railway EuskoTren and the Spanish state railway Renfe Eibar connect with San Sebastián and Bilbao with.

Eibar has no airport. The nearest airports are Bilbao ( Loiu ), San Sebastian ( Hondarribia ) and Vitoria- Gasteiz ( Foronda ), one hour's drive from Eibar away.


The football club in the city, the SD Eibar plays in the Spanish second division, the Segunda División A.

The Euskal Bizikleta always ends on the mountain located in Eibar Arrate.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Francisco de Ibarra (1539-1575), explorer and conqueror
  • Ignacio Zuloaga (1870-1945), painter
  • Ciriaco Errasti (1904-1984), football player
  • Baltasar Albéniz (1905-1978), football player and coach
  • Alberto Ormaetxea (1939-2005), football player
  • Javier Aguirresarobe (* 1948), Cinematographer
  • Pedro Horrillo ( b. 1974 ), cyclist
  • Patxi Usobiaga Lakunza (* 1980), sport climbers