Eichhorst is a municipality in the district of Mecklenburg Lake District in the east of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. It is by the Office Friedland, located in the municipality Friedland, managed.

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The municipality is located on a moraine east of the glacial valley of Datze about eight kilometers south of the town of Friedland and 18 kilometers east of Neubrandenburg. Eichhorst is surrounded by three lakes - in the south, the number of lakes gradually ( Feldberg and Uckermärkisches Lake District ). To the east and south, the terrain rises to over 150 m above sea level. NN ( Brohm Mountains and Helpter mountains).

Community structure

To Eichhorst the districts Jatzke include ( annexation on 1 January 2001 ) and Liepen ( annexation on 1 January 1973 ).

Due to the area change contract between the City of Friedland and the community Eichhorst from December 12, 2013 Eichhorst is incorporated with its districts from 25 May 2014 in the town of Friedland.


A continuous since the Neolithic settlement of the districts in the area of ​​community Eichhorst can be occupied by a number of prehistoric and early historic places of discovery. Most important archaeological monument is next to some highly flattened Bronze Age burial mounds, a Slavic castle wall on the outskirts of Jatzke. The standing on the south side of the Castle Walls " stone box " is a replica of a Stone Age tomb and dates from the 19th century. 1298 the scale as Angersdorf place was first mentioned in documents as Eykchorst. The name is probably due to the then large oak forests between the Datzetal and Brohm mountains.

In the Thirty Years' War also Eichhorst was completely destroyed.

The present form of Eichhorster stone church was built after renovations in 1837. The mansion was built on the basis of older predecessors in 1821 in the classical style. Until 1945, the expropriation of the landlords changed several times, including the Bredow, angel, and Schwerin. From 1964 to 1990, the manor house was partly used as a school. The strong need of renovation building has since not yet found new owners.


  • Feldsteinkirche in Eichhorst
  • Feldsteinkirche in Jatzke
  • Gothic brick church in Liepen
  • The monuments in the town are listed in the list of monuments in Eichhorst (Mecklenburg).

Manor House in Eichhorst

Church in Jatzke

Church in Liepen

Economy and infrastructure

The former LPG an agricultural cooperative was established after reunification. Also, some farmers (reclosing judge) cultivate the fields of the environment.

Transport links

In the neighboring village of Glienke there are connections to the national road network ( national highway 197 and Federal highway 20). The nearest railway station is located in about 15 km away Sponholz ( Neubrandenburg route - Pasewalk - Szczecin ).


  • Frederick Kortum (1788-1858), historian, professor of history in Bern and Heidelberg