Eigg ( Scottish Gaelic: Eige / i ) is one of the "small islands", which belong to the Scottish Inner Hebrides. It has a population of around 85 people (as of 2008 ). In 1997 the island was purchased by the inhabitants.

The largest settlement on Eigg is Cleadale on the north coast. It is known for its crystal - beach, which is called because of the noise that can be heard when a person goes over the dry beach, " singing sand ". Ferries leave from Galmisdale on the south coast to Canna, Rum and Muck and to Mallaig on the mainland. In Galmisdale is also the community center of the island.

The center of the island forms a plateau with a Moor, which rises nearly 400 meters high. In An Sgurr ( 394 m ), the highest mountain on the island, there is a significant Pechstein occurrence.

The monastery was founded by Kildonan St. Donan, a student Kolumbans. St. Donan suffered martyrdom here 618. In the Middle Ages the island was owned by the Clan Ranald MacDonald. As part of a feud with the MacLeods end of the 16th century was killed the entire population.

The island has with the Cathedral Cave and Massacre Cave two caves.

The Gaelic name Eige is the genitive of Eag ( German: notch, depression ), and probably refers to the shape of the mountain to Sgurr or on the great valley that stretches across the island. The island had a different name: Eilean nam Ban Mora ( German: " an island of great women ").