Eimskipafélag Íslands

Hf Eimskipafelag Íslands ( until November 2006 still Avion Group) is an Icelandic investment company that specializes in transportation. The company is listed on the OMX Iceland 15 index. Eimskipafelag Íslands ( Icelandic Steamship Company ) was founded on 17 January 1914, and is the oldest shipping company in the country. it has offices in 17 countries.

The company was founded on 1 January 2005 by a number of companies already existing. In 2005 Avion had the second largest growth in Europe. The fleet comprised in January 2006, 61 machines of the manufacturers Airbus and Boeing, came to 30 ships and 170 trucks.

Avion Group is subdivided into three divisions, each consisting of one or more companies:

  • Forwarding & Logistics Eimskip shipping
  • Air Atlanta Icelandic leasing company
  • Avia Technical Services
  • Avion Aircraft Trading leasing company
  • SouthAir

Avion Group was listed on the Icelandic Stock Exchange in January 2006.


  • Sindri Sindrason, Chairman
  • Hannes Hilmarsson, Chairman of Air Atlanta Icelandic
  • Baldur Guðnason, Chairman Eimskip
  • John O'Loughlin, Managing Avia Technical Services