Eindhoven railway station

  • Railway line Eindhoven - Weert
  • Railway Breda - Eindhoven
  • Railway line Eindhoven - Venlo


The Eindhoven Railway Station is the central railway station of the city of Eindhoven and a central hub in the Dutch railway network. He is the busiest station in the province of North Brabant. It operates national regional and long distance traffic here. Furthermore, the station also forms a central hub in the city and regional bus services. So here, at 26 city and 20 regional buses.


The present station of Eindhoven was designed by the Dutch architect Koen van built 1956 Gaast. The station has an intentional resemblance to a Philips radio from that time. In the vision of Koen van der Gaast the station should only be a through station for the population and none where you should stay longer. Furthermore, the train station in the center should act flashy and fall directly into the eye. Before the current station was built in Eindhoven, were already several other stations in the same place. On the station square is a statue of Anton Philips.

Distance connections

In the year 2013 the following schedule lines run:

Pictures of Eindhoven railway station