Einsiedeln railway station


The Einsiedeln station is a railway terminus in schwyzerischen District Einsiedeln. He is the terminus of the line Wädenswil -Einsiedeln and operated by the Swiss South-Eastern Railway.


The station was opened to traffic in the train of the opening of the Wädenswil -Einsiedeln train on 1 May 1877. In 1899 he passed through the merger of the WE and the Zurich -Gotthard railway company to the Swiss South-East Railway (SOB ), from which the station is still in operation today.

In 1981, he played an important role during the visit of Pope John Paul II, who stepped out of his special train here and made ​​a pilgrimage to the monastery. In order to meet the large volume of traffic justice, the service station was built between Neuberg Biberbrugg and Einsiedeln, which allows the crossing of two trains on the otherwise single-track route to this day.

Since the introduction of the S -Bahn Zurich 1990, he is the terminus of S13 from Wädenswil. Before that it was at the train connections to regional trains. Einsiedeln in hourly circulating S40 Rapperswil - - ​​As part of the Regionalzugreformen 2004, the five times daily service on regional trains Siebnen - cheeks were converted Einsiedeln.

Location and architecture

The station is located on the outskirts of the village center. The station building is in the upside down position. Before the railway station, a busy intersection lies with gyro. The access to the tracks is guaranteed only by a narrow access. For a long time there are suggestions, on the one hand to improve access to create the other hand, a car-free station square. However, the failed repeatedly to financial and infrastrukturiellen problems, otherwise the entire traffic of Einsiedeln would have to be re-routed.


The station comprises two central platforms with four tracks for passenger, in addition there are connection and sidings, one of which was also pulled up to the building.


Einsiedeln is currently the only railway terminus of adhesion railway in the Canton of Schwyz. Next to him, nor the mountain station exists Rigi-Kulm of the Rigi -Bahn.

A great importance it comes to relating to the pilgrimages of the monastery Einsiedeln. Earlier regularly frequented pilgrimage extra trains, although they were repeatedly involved in serious Zugsunglücke.

He also is a hub of the regional postal bus network. From here start bus services to the surrounding areas, such as the monastery, to Alpthal - Brunni, Egg, Wiler Zell, Gross, Euthal or Oberiberg - Unteriberg with the valley Weglosen and Laucheren the high -Ybrig trains. Thus, the station serves as a railway connection for the entire central part of the canton.


  • S 13 Wädenswil - Einsiedeln
  • S 40 Rapperswil - Pfäffikon - Samstagern - Einsiedeln

In addition, on weekdays, two associate with SBB chariots and a SOB Re 446 -run S- train pairs, nicknamed croissants Express to Zurich Altstetten.

Pictures of Einsiedeln railway station