Ice is

  • Ice, an aggregate state of water
  • Rein (Rhein), in the region of the ice, a tributary of the Rhine in Rhineland -Palatinate
  • Ice cream a dessert
  • Dry ice is a physical state of the carbon dioxide
  • In music, a reinterpretation of the tone F, see Enharmonic
  • Ice, a German black metal band (formerly, 2005-2010 " Geïst " )

Ice is the name of:

  • Egon ice (1910-1994), an Austrian Writer
  • Hans Ice (1895 - Unknown), German politician
  • Maria Eis (1896-1954), Austrian actress
  • Otto ice (1903-1952), Austrian writer

Ice is the name of several places:

  • Ice (municipality Ruden ), cadastral Ruden, District Voelkermarkt

ICE is an abbreviation for

  • In old cookbooks for Eistreiche
  • Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, see impedance spectroscopy
  • Electrolyte -insulator -semiconductor sensor, english for electrolyte - insulator-semiconductor sensor, see EIS sensor
  • Electronic Image Stabilization, an electronic image stabilizer for camcorders and digital cameras
  • Enterprise Information System, English for Business information system
  • European Information System, a computer network of European police authorities
  • European Innovation Scoreboard, an analysis tool to compare the innovation performance of the EU Member States
  • Executive Information System, see Executive Information System (economics)

EIS as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Germany: Saale- Holzland ( Eisenberg )

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