Eisarena Salzburg

EC Red Bull Salzburg (since 1995) DEC Salzburg Eagles (since 2001)

The Salzburg Ice Arena is a multifunctional ice rink, which was commissioned by the city of Salzburg in 1960. It is the home ground for the EC Red Bull Salzburg, an association of the Erste Bank Hockey League and the Eagles DEC Salzburg, the Salzburg Women's Ice Hockey Club, the highest in the Women's League and the Elite Women's Hockey League compete.

Today's ice arena was built by architect Heinz Hochhäusl as pure ice rink in Salzburg folk garden. Place in the years 2002 and 2003, with the help of the EC Red Bull Salzburg main sponsor Red Bull and its patron Dietrich Mateschitz, the transition to a multi-functional arena. The hall is 80 meters wide, 60 meters deep and 13.5 meters high. It offers at hockey games room for 3,500 visitors, but also at other events up to 6800. The ice rink has two 3,600 -square-foot ice together, with one of the two is in the open.

Since 2005, the EC Red Bull Salzburg bears there, the Red Bulls Salute, a seasonal preparatory and internationally manned Hockey Invitational Tournament.