The Eisenbahn-Kurier (EK ) is a monthly magazine published in Freiburg, which treats both railway and model railway topics. The target group are hobby railroaders and model railway fans as well as decision-makers and employees of railway companies and the rail industry. With a monthly circulation of about 40,000 copies of the EK is one of the most widely read and most comprehensive magazines on the subject of railways in Germany. The magazine is published in-house EK-Verlag, which is again entered in the commercial register Freiburg after he was registered from 1997 for several years in Hamburg.


The magazine Eisenbahn-Kurier was founded in 1966 in Wuppertal by a small group of railway enthusiasts, who was among other things the locomotive photographer Carl Bellingrodt. The aim was to develop a communication form in which all the missions of the then still active Federal Railways steam locomotives were listed. Although there were at that time already some hobby pictures about the railroad, but just updates on the tracks in both directions often be missing or only very poor. The EK puts some emphasis on current events of the railway today. Bellingrodt later inherited much of his photo archive to the EC, are regularly published today.

In 1981, the issue was taken up with model railway in the booklet. For particular issues the three offshoot of the Eisenbahn-Kurier available. These are Eisenbahn-Kurier Special, Eisenbahn-Kurier topics and Eisenbahn-Kurier aspects. For model railroaders are with the notebooks model train model train courier and courier Special also own title for special topics. Other focal points of the EK- Verlag are books and videos on the subject of railways.