Railway romance is a television program of the SWR. Shown railway -related reports, the contents of which extend reports of modern railway authorities, heritage railways and facilities to contributions on model railroad layouts. Politics and criticism do not stay recessed, the series also focuses line closures, controversial model plans, delayed reconstruction projects or successful transport concepts. The program will be moderated since the beginning of Hagen von Ortloff.


The series was launched on 7 April 1991 as a stopgap in the third television Southwest 3 from the SDR. Since it was the first series specifically for railway enthusiasts, it was so well received by the audience that the broadcast time was occasionally extended to one half to three quarters of an hour.

From 1994 Railroad romance had a solid half-hour time slot. Since autumn 2008, railway romance is sent quarterly, alternating with the SWR broadcast rest house. In the winter and summer season Railroad romance is shown weekly in spring and autumn occupied this time slot roadhouse.

Following the merger of SDR and SWF to SWR in 1998 the entire editorial staff of Stuttgart had to move to Baden -Baden.

The current average audience is about one million spectators.

Broadcast on other channels

Railway romance is sent not only in SWR, but also regularly in the programs NDR Fernsehen (Monday at 13:30 clock ), hr- TV ( Mondays and Tuesdays at 14:00 clock ) and MDR television ( Saturday at 15:00 or 15:30 clock ). Most of the episodes will be broadcast from the archive; Hessischer Rundfunk is Monday but a repetition of the current program (not during the hiatus in the SWR ). The station rbb Fernsehen, SR and 3sat television show irregularly several episodes, often in the context of theme nights.

Taking the train through ...

The ARTE broadcast the train through ... contains movies from the railway romance fundus, which are fashioned something for the broadcasting of the editors (including without introduction ). Since 2011 ARTE also shows photographs of the SWR in Original.

Episode List


In general, the sequences are recorded. The occasionally held special mission Long Night of railway romance, prolonged over several hours version will be broadcast live. Apart from the usual presentation of (short ) reports Hagen von Ortloff maintains in these special editions in the studio with interesting railfans and model railroaders.

The contributions are now mostly spoken by Jo Jung, this task was divided in the earlier episodes with Peter Schurr.

Since its centenary in December 2006, the shipment will be produced and broadcast in 16:9 format.

Examples of topics

  • Sauschwänzlebahn
  • Glacier Express
  • Train of miracles - Nice in the Maritime Alps
  • Railway repair work
  • The crocodile
  • The construction of the Ravenna Bridge
  • The Wiehltalbahn and the political problems associated
  • The high-speed line Mannheim -Stuttgart
  • Stuttgart 21
  • Webs in various countries, such as in Canada or in the Eastern Bloc
  • " Miniature Wonderland " - the world's largest H0 model railroad layout in the warehouse district in Hamburg
  • The kruckenbergsche Rail Zeppelin and the model train show MO187 in Bad Driburg
  • Pontoon bridge across the Rhine near Speyer
  • Salzkammergut Local Railway
  • Annually, the program details the model railway news at the Nuremberg Toy Fair

Theme music and logo

The song Sentimental Journey by Les Brown is always played at the beginning and usually at the end during the credits of the show. The steam locomotive 99 633, which today is located in Ochsenhausen, can be seen in the opening credits of the show since its first broadcast in 1991. In addition, it is shown in the logo of the show.

Railroad Romance Club

For particularly interested fans (including family members for a nominal fee ) of railway romance club was founded - with its own magazine and fan shop.

Special trips

On occasion are special trips - mostly historical trains and steam traction - organized at home and abroad and carried out. This image produced material fills then the next (s) show (s ). Single or multi -day trips led so far, for example, to the Arctic Circle, to the mother country of all steam engines or by the French, Swiss, Italian and Austrian Alps and in the former Eastern Bloc close.

Related Shows

A half-hour and also designed similar, but monthly magazine program by similar topics with special consideration of central Germany was produced until December 2009 from the MDR in 99 episodes under the name of track time and broadcast. The MDR offers below to track small model railway topics and on narrow gauge railway related issues with special emphasis on narrow-gauge railway lines.

Monthly channel BR -alpha in the program window Alpha Austria that produced by Bob Symes and partially moderated 45 - minute program with a focus Bahnorama from Austria.

Railway World TV is Internet TV for railway enthusiasts and presents from December 2008 every month a program of topics from the railway, the railway nostalgia, about destinations and of the model railway online.

Since 2006, in Switzerland, the series full steam in the program of Telebasel. Until the termination of the transmitter Bahn TV individual contributions within the series railways in the world were broadcast. The main focus of Full steam is located in Switzerland.

On Arte, the show is the train through ... which is also produced by the railway romance editors, usually lasts 45 minutes and is not moderated.