The Eisern Bach is a 13.42 km long, left or southeast tributary of the victory in North Rhine -Westphalia. It rises on the mountain Kalteiche in the same range of hills in the extreme southwest of the Rothaargebirge, but runs shortly after its source exclusively in the natural environment Winners country where he represents the north-eastern boundary of the Hellerberg country.

The catchment area of ​​Eisern stream comprises 25.015 km ². At its source, he is still called tail Bach, changes his name only between Rinsdorf and Eisern.



The stream originates as a tail stream on Rinsberg the northwest foot of Kalteiche near the federal road 54 and the North Rhine- Westphalian- Hessian border to nearly 468 m from the Schneiser -Born. From there it flows between Rinsberg and Hemmerberg to the northwest and Wilnsdorf. In the village he turns north and flows around the Elkersberg in a westerly direction. In parallel to the L907 flows the stream to a foothill, and about 900 m southwest to Rinsdorf where the road enters the side of the stream, and this continues to flow to the northwest.

From Eisern the rear stream is then called Eisern Bach. In the village opens its largest with nearly 2.3 km long tributary, the Oberndorf, in the creek. The L907 goes here several times the side of the stream. Next the Eisern creek flows only in a northwesterly and then in a south-westerly direction Eiserfeld. In the village it flows partly through tunnels and under numerous bridges next to the Eiserntalstraße towards Eiserfeld Center and ends there at an altitude of 220 m in the victory.


The table shows the largest tributaries of the Eisern Bach, from the source.

Mountains (selection)

  • Rinsberg ( 497.4 m) / Kalteiche ( 579.9 m, source)
  • Hemmerberg ( 466.8 m, right)
  • High Roth ( 450.8 m, right)
  • Elkersberg ( 443.5 m, left)
  • Astenberg (430 m, right)
  • Dillberg ( 405.9 m, right)
  • Homberg ( 451.4 m, right)
  • Large intoxication ( 439.5 m, left)
  • Castle Hill ( 391.6 m, left)
  • Eisern Hardt ( 482.3 m, right)
  • Michel Berg ( 385.5 m, left)
  • Pan mountain ( 499.2 m, left)
  • Eichert ( 468.1 m, left, Eichert Mountains; ~ 440 m)
  • Hengsberg ( 402.4 m, right, foothills of Gilbergs )