Eka stands for:

  • A first name, see Eka ( first name )
  • Eka (chemistry), a prefix name for a chemical element in the periodic table under a different element
  • Taiso Eka, the second Zen patriarch
  • Eka (companies ), company that produces chemicals for papermaking; part of the Akzo Nobel Group

EKA stands for:

  • EKA ( supercomputer ), an Indian supercomputer
  • The Erzgebirgsklinikum Annaberg, a hospital in Annaberg -Buchholz
  • The Estonian Academy of Arts
  • Exposure equivalents for carcinogenic substances
  • Federal Foreign commission of the Federation ( Switzerland )
  • Lutheran Hospital Alstersdorf
  • A designation of the German police for a telescopic baton ( " baton, short expandable " )
  • Age at first calving in cattle
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