Ekajati (also: Ekajata; Tib.: ral gcig ma; German: single topknot; Those who only has a topknot ) is a female wrathful appearance Taras in Tibetan Buddhism.


Ekajati is one of the mightiest and most terrible goddesses in Tibetan mythology.

It most often appears as a liberator in the mandala of the green Tara. With her ​​powers ascribed it eliminates the fear of enemies, spread joy and removed personal obstacles on the path to enlightenment.

Ekajati is the protector of the Secret Mantra (Tib.: sngags srung ma) and is considered a great mother, especially as a mother Palden Lhamo and Mahakala. It represents the great, final unit what. Carried her one eye, its a tooth to a topknot etc. is expressed

The first Karmapa Düsum Khyenpa meditated even in early youth on it.

Representation ( Blue Tara )

Ekajati is of blue body color with high red topknot. She has one face and two hands. However, it can also be represented mehrköpfig (with up to twelve heads ), and up to twenty-four arms and various tantric attributes (sword, knife, blue Lotusaxt, Vajra ).

In its most common form shown wearing an ax / tantric staff (often with a corpse ) and a skull cup in her two hands and has her hair in a knot image Akshobhyas.

Your attitude expresses energy. With her ​​right foot tramples bodies ( as a symbol of the ego ). Her laugh bares a forked tongue and a single, pointed tooth. She is wearing a necklace of skulls, a tiger and a human skin. Besides its one tooth, one chest and a topknot, she also has only one eye of wisdom on the forehead - the usual place of eyes is often depicted with symbolic flames.

Ekajati is represented almost exclusively angry, but there is also a peaceful form with dark blue body color, one face and two arms. In her hands she holds a skull cup and then a Triguk cleaver. In addition to their two natural eyes it has also the vertical wisdom eye on the forehead. She sits in the Vajraposition ( lotus position ) on the lotus throne and holding Bodhisattvaschmuck and is surrounded by wisdom flames.