Ekkehard I

Ekkehard I ( * 910 in Thurgau, † January 14 973 in St. Gallen) was a monk and dean of the monastery of St. Gall

Ekkehard emerged as a writer of sacred hymns and sequences. He is regarded as the author of around 930 incurred and in the 11th century by Ekkehard IV revised " Walthariliedes ". The written in Latin hexameters epic that sings about the escape of Walther of Aquitaine with his mistress Hildegunde from the land of the Huns, in addition to the Hildebrandslied is the literary version of a domestic heroic saga before the 12th century only preserved. It was narrated in ten manuscripts and 1838 published by Jakob Grimm first time. The writer Joseph Victor von Scheffel wrote in 1855 based on source research the historical novel " Ekkehard ," which describes the life of his nephew Ekkehard II.